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The Blogo-icosahedron is a large and hilarious place


CheerleadersA friend of mine has started a sports trivia site, ChuckSports.com, check it out – it should only take you about 2 games to catch up to me on the overall leaderboard. It’s still a bit early in the development and he is coding everything himself, but it’s already fun.

Aside from trivia, there’s a lot going on out there in the world, and here are some on the things I found funny and interesting:

Kobe is possibly looking to be traded. I wonder where he is asking to go?

Curtis Granderson wrote in his blog about everyone wanting to marry him.

Elijah Dukes calls a radio station, and talks about the price of crack in the hood.

I’m always a big fan of crazy injuries sustained by athletes, so a salad injury is hilarious.

The Extrapolater does some research on the first Japanese player in the Major League.

We’ve talked about X-treme Baseball before, but Blumpkins For All (what a great name for a blog) went to a game.

Kissing Suzy Kolber has created a guide to American football for the English to help them prepare for the game next year.

With all those great links, I don’t know if you’ll have time, but here are some videos: Read More

Randy Moss Will Make You Jump Jump


Moss Moons Green BayMy original idea for a post was to make another All-Name team for the NFL Draft, but it’s been done. So I was looking at other things that happened during the draft when I find out that the New England Patriots traded for Randy Moss. I don’t know much about Moss other than he’s a pain in the ass and a good wide receiver. So I’m doing some research when a song idea comes to mind. So I will share the results of my research with you — through song.

Randy Moss Will Make You Jump Jump

Jump Jump
You should know you should know that ahhh
Randy Moss is now having anything today
As he stands there totally Mossed out
He commences to may you

Jump Jump
The Moss Freak[1] will make you Jump Jump
The Freak Moss will make you Jump Jump
Randy Moss will make you Jump Jump Read More

Christian Laettner is my favorite rapper

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Remember the dream team of Naughty by Nature, Shaquille O’Neal, Alonzo Mourning, Larry Johnson, Tom Gugliotta and a lip-synching by Christian Laettner? ???? ??? ????? Now, I can understand if you said no. ?????? ?????? Because I too blocked this terrible NBA promo out of my brain. Well, now that a lucky 13 years have passed, the wonderful powers of YouTube brings the memories back. ???? ????? ?????

Thanks YouTube.