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“Let me be really clear about this, we work for the fans and the fans want us to win games, so all of the decisions we make regarding the team are just for football. It’s hard to predict other things. If you get confused in term of what your mission is, you’re not going to accomplish your mission. And our mission is to win games pure and simple. We think that Tim Tebow has been a winner all his life.”

-Woody Johnson


The Century Club


One hundred years.  One hundred (100) years is a very long time.  Not if you’re Methuselah, sure, but for the rest of us it’s an almost unfathomable length of time, a stretch which goes far beyond our years on this lonely island Earth.  When someone says “100 years ago,” the odds are good that you’ll not remember what they speak of, as you were not around a century ago.  So in the interest of historical framing, here’s a brief look at things which are not of the last century:

An American Civil War (well over 100 years, but hey, the Union is strong)

Inventing the car- no wait, even later than that, introducing the Model T.  (Almost exactly 100 years ago!)

The Tunguska Blast (Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to roast in the depths of the Slor that day!)

The Cubs winning the World Series.
Alright, fine, we’re still 9 days off from it “officially” being a century, but the frustrations of the Cubs and their faithful (read: stupid) fans have, as of twenty minutes ago, reached the heights of unimaginable legend.   The only professional sports franchise in the country with a century between championships.  Truly, something to celebrate.

If you’re a Dodgers fan.

Nerds on Sports March Madness – Addendum

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As will happen on the internet from time to time (see, e.g., Rule 34), things have a way of just… being out there, simply waiting to be found. Seems our title match has in fact been posted on YouTube!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: we obviously rigged the tournament just to show you this “stellar” piece of “film-making” that was “crafted” by “talented” people. ???? ????? But you would be wrong! Everything’s on the up-and-up here at NoS. This simply serves to prove three important points. ??? ???? ?????

  1. We are made of awesome magic, especially Perich.
  2. All this has happened before, and will happen again.
  3. And, of course, everybody knows that Batman totally rules, and Luke’s a sissy. ????? ??? ????

Poker and other Sport Bets Could Be The Future of Online Gambling in 5 to 10 Years

Sport Bets Could Be Online in 5 to 10 Years

I can’t think of a better word than “exciting” to describe the concept of betting on sports. In fact, I can’t think of a better word to describe the concept of gambling, those who know me know how much I love ncaa tournament betting! I know the best place to view them and bet! in fact because of my obsession with betting, I’m always looking for some sports that I can bet on. When I searched the internet, I found and found something that got me excited.

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First of all, we will discuss the main technological trends in the gambling industry. In case you decided you wanna play casino today, online gambling site is an alternative. same fun same excitement at the comfort of your home. It starts with mobile phones which provide diverse gambling chances.

The following trend is the introduction of virtual and augmented reality in online betting. With all these changes come security issues for gamblers. How all these factors influence the development of online gambling? It is a matter of fact and disputable story.


Online gambling features virtual and augmented reality elements. Augmented reality represents betting features in 3D graphics. For example, when you play Pokemon Go, you follow the gaming elements in reality. So, you are hunting Pokemon creatures all along your city, yard or place. On the other side, Virtual reality represents the 360-degree gaming world. Now, you can access gambling adventures in virtual world atmosphere. However, VR and AR elements are mainly present on smartphones.

Virtual reality slots

What we can say about slots future? Are they going the same road of virtual reality as other gambling chances? This is the huge question but real possibility. We believe that casino developers conduct serious researches about slot virtuality. With a present situation where slots are far from interactive, potential changes will be more than beneficial. If it really happens in the future, we can expect slots becoming more captivating for players.


If we turn to the security, there are many things to observe. Not long ago we could see specialized gangs using the optic camera for hacking card combinations. This is now far from reality as casinos worked very diligent to eliminate all possible frauds. Online casinos now take the advantage of Artificial Intelligence cameras which follow the movements of players and potential suspicious behaviour, I found this Pkv Games site to be one of the most secures for Poker Players on the last decade.

Online Bingo and Poker

There are two games which adapted to online gambling as easy as possible. Bingo and Poker are flexible adventures which allow gamblers to enjoy them where ever they are. They attract millions of players today and have the perspective of acquiring a new audience.

Computers, with adequte Data science staffing, can be very efficient in data transfer between the user and online gambling site. There is also the small value of data for exchange purposes. These gambling movements turned out to be valuable for the whole sector. It didn’t bring the reduce of interest among players but, on contrary, made players more enthusiastic. The same prognosis stands for the future.

It would be exciting, but perhaps even less exciting if it took 5 to 10 years. Baseball is in its fourth decade of existence, and the numbers of bets and wagers on the sport are going to keep going up until the day it is officially a sports spectacle.

With baseball’s popularity constantly on the rise, people will be willing to pay millions of dollars for the chance to bet on baseball for a shot at a big payoff.

The first question to ask in all of this is if betting on baseball is legal. It is legal in the states that I’m familiar with. But, as I mentioned above, it seems to be the kind of thing that most people would rather not think about.

This brings me to another aspect of the MLB betting market that is getting more attention. Baseball betting is illegal in Puerto Rico, but the island’s new government has promised a new approach that is better than baseball’s old one. With the government’s new bill, there is a new place to bet on baseball. It is a legal place, but it has become illegal in most of the United States.

Why is that important? Well, that is because of a particular aspect of the new law. Under the new law, a pitcher who throws a pitch for a strike at 95 mph is automatically considered a “strike” in Puerto Rico. That is no longer the case. Instead, a pitcher can now be a “ball” in Puerto Rico, in that his strike will count when he throws for a strike. That means a pitcher can now throw a pitch at 97 mph for a strike, but not at 95 mph. What does that mean? If you are an American who is visiting Puerto Rico and are having a pitching problem, it is hard to understand how throwing a 95-mph pitch counts as a “strike” in Puerto Rico, while a pitch at 97 mph counts as a ball. Why does it matter? If a pitcher throws a pitch to a batter for a strike, and the batter strikes out, the pitcher is awarded the strike, as is the hitter if he strikes out. But what about if the batter strikes out? The pitcher would be out, of course, and the batter would not receive a strike. In the same way, a ball struck by a hitter would count as a ball, while a pitch struck by a pitcher would not count as a pitch, because it is the batter’s strike that counts. It is one thing to say that a pitch that strikes out the batter is struck out as a ball, but it is another to say that a pitch struck out by a pitcher is strike out as a ball. This confusion stems from the fact that if the pitcher were to throw the pitch a foot or two inside or outside, the pitch would be counted as a strike.

For example, a fastball is a ball, whereas a curveball is not. The pitch that was thrown outside in front of the plate and that struck out the batter as a ball would be not be counted as a strike. However, it would be counted as a strike if thrown in the same location and within a similar horizontal area, but a curveball is not a ball, because it would have been a ball

18 And Life To Go

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The perfect season has been foiled at the last minute before.

From The Washington Post‘s The Redskins Book:

The 1942 Redskins went 10-1. Their only loss was 14-7 to the Giants in the second game of the season, a score they reversed against the Giants amid a nine-game winning streak. The Redskins allowed only 13 points in their last four games. ???? ????? ??? ???? Once more, their title-game foe would be the Bears. The Bears, who had won 18 straight games, were favored.

The defending champion Bears’ 11 wins in 1942 were rough, physical victories staked on hard-hitting defense. The Redskins had gotten back into contending shape after a mediocre 1941 on the legendary arm, back, and quick-kicking leg of Sammy Baugh. The favored Chicago team quickly went up 6-0. But the final score was 14-6, with the last 1 yard scoring play a handoff to Andy Farkas. By all accounts, it was smash-mouth football, the kind of game that you can’t watch without wincing every minute of the way– despite the fact that “NFL commissioner Elmer Layden ordered ‘a clean game.’” (Goodell shouldn’t have to worry about a ‘clean game’ on the field- just keep Tom Petty from flashing some tit and everyone’s happy. Also, check the Giants’ Gatorade jugs for audio transmitting devices.)

The Bears had won 18 straight. The Redskins stopped them. All it took was a charter member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And George Halas off coaching duty due to naval service. And… ok, fine, so let’s just stick with the “18 and out” part.

Then, there’s at least one recent example of a perfect season bid gone unrealized with a connection to this weekend’s contest:

That video is never going to get old.The connection, of course, is the coach of the then-victorious Eagles: Tom Coughlin. Sure, it’s a stretch, and there’s pretty much no comparison of even the biggest NCAA game to any pro game, but the man did coach an underdog to ‘glory’ once before. Hell, they even got to play in the Carquest bowl or some shit. And that loss sent the ND program into a slow spiral which… well, you saw what happened this year.

I’ve been a Giants fan my whole life. Baseball’s my first love, of course, but I can remember watching Simms, Bavaro, Mowatt, and LT lead the charge in Pasadena, mere months after Mookie poked a dribbler through some guy’s legs. ???? ?????? ???? It was a glorious time to be a six-year-old sports nut in Queens. And I am grateful to this day that my family were not Jets fans. That would suck. A lot.

Given the reigning baseball champions, I can’t shake the feeling like there’s some guileless little kid in Quincy or Watertown or wherever, MA, who doesn’t yet know that he’s supposed to be a smug asshole about cheering for his teams, just that he likes Varitek and it was fun to see the Sox win, and his dad yells about the Patriots a lot and it’s fun to see them win. For that kid, sure, it’d be nice if the Patriots won.

For the rest of you, eat a dick. ???? ???? ?????? 24-21, smash-mouth Giants victory.

This is the end of today’s PICKSTRAVAGANZA by the Nerds on Sports staff. Read the previous five posts for more “insight” from the nerds.