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A Place of Miniature Business

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A Monster Golf MonsterI tried a couple of new things for my birthday this year. I got some exercise and some blisters by going roller skating at Boston’s only roller skating rink — Chez Vous. Exercise, because I had forgotten that I’m getting older and I’m not as spry as I was in my youth. and Blisters because the rentals skates have been worn by many a person before myself. But even with that, it was a fun time and I got to feel younger that I actually am.

Another “sport” I tried for my birthday was some indoor miniature golf. I went to a local Monster Golf and tried to shine under the black lights. It was pretty good other than the weird way that all the greens were interconnected.

But when I got home, I learned that for the low low price of $140,000.00 I could have my very own black light miniature golf course. Sweet! But the amazing income of $3 a month for a blog, doesn’t allow one to buy such extravagances. So for now, I must stick to the day job.

Finally, a week ago, I said I was giving away a copy of Baseball Prospectus’s new Guide to the 2008 Baseball Season. Well that time has come. Using the exciting random method of visiting Random.org and getting a number between 2 and 10 (the comments that are not mine on my post). The winner is The U. Who you may know from being a sports trivia genius over at Chuck Sports.

I Once Heard That Golf Was A Sport

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Orange Dinosaur In Saugus, MAGolf is the businessman’s game of choice, because you can relax, drink heavily, and have conversation while still playing and not get sweaty. ?????? ??? At least that’s my guess, for I am no businessman. So I will let Tiger Woods and the businesspeoples of the world have their golf because I get my golf delivered in other forms,

First off there is miniature golf. It’s like regular golf if you decided to play regular golf in Holland* at a castle** that was probably previously owned by Dracula trying to defend himself from Mr. Belmont***. I like miniature golf because it doesn’t take nearly as long as regular golf and there’s no slicing into the woods off the tee. Also each hole is usually a surprise and you have to guess which of the 3 holes in the barn will place the ball closest to the cup on the lower level. Also, how many PGA courses have big orange dinosaurs?

For my next crazy golf event, I give you: Underwater Golf. Read More