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February 21, 2008

A Birthday Gift

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So Today is my birthday, but instead of asking for gifts, I am going to give one away. I am ordering a copy of Baseball Prospectus’s new Guide to the 2008 Baseball Season for myself, but I thought I could share the nerdiness. I’m also going to give away a copy of the book. Hopefully next week at this time, I will declare a winner.

Now, don’t worry, I’m not setting up some crazy contest. It will be a random drawing of everyone who comments on this post and answers my question. Right or wrong doesn’t matter (actually, I prefer wrong).

The Question:
Roger Clemens, like Barry Bonds, is too trusting of creepy looking trainers (have you seen the guy, he looks like a human/rat hybrid). So I say he didn’t know he was being injected in the buttocks with steroids. What did Roger think was in the needle?

  • I’ll get this started:

    He thought it was Peanut Butter. Roger is a chubby guy, and I bet he loves his peanut butter, he probably agreed when somebody said “If you love Peanut Butter so much why don’t you get it injected straight into your blood stream.”

    It’s happened to me before, but I never agreed.

  • RJ

    There was nothing in the needle, he just likes the feeling of things jabbing him there.

  • Serpico

    Air. Heart-stopping air.

  • ashi

    He thought there was something in the needle that would make him more powerful just like a Predator or may be an Alien of rat hybrid…

  • The_U

    He thought it was a needle to extract the last remains of Dan Duquette from his system.

  • Brawndo.

  • Diane

    “vitamins” to give him bulk and strength. what’s wrong with that?

  • Clemens was actually shooting more excrement into his body to make sure that he remains full of sh*t at all times.

  • benstaub03

    Clemens thought it was corn juice. He knew that ethanol was going to be a new trend, so he wanted to get in on the action before everyone else.

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