[Business Day One] Special Report – Center of Attention

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The SuperBowl, contrary to popular belief, is going to be a tight game.  The double digit opening spread was cute and all, but there will be no blowout.  Rather, it’ll be trench warfare.  On Sunday, we’ll see a Patriots offensive line try to pass protect and and Giants offensive line try to bulldoze open rushing lanes.

As with all big games, the difference makers are the offensive linemen.  It is these underappreciated behemoths that dictate the pace of the game, protect the quarterback and make running the ball possible.  Thankfully, each team has a very well-educated lineman capable of leading their respective Big Uglies to victory.

In this SuperBowl, the key to success will be the play of the offensive line.  And I challenge someone to convince me otherwise.  That’s right, a challenge.