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[Business Day One] Special Report – Center of Attention

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The SuperBowl, contrary to popular belief, is going to be a tight game.  The double digit opening spread was cute and all, but there will be no blowout.  Rather, it’ll be trench warfare.  On Sunday, we’ll see a Patriots offensive line try to pass protect and and Giants offensive line try to bulldoze open rushing lanes.

As with all big games, the difference makers are the offensive linemen.  It is these underappreciated behemoths that dictate the pace of the game, protect the quarterback and make running the ball possible.  Thankfully, each team has a very well-educated lineman capable of leading their respective Big Uglies to victory.

In this SuperBowl, the key to success will be the play of the offensive line.  And I challenge someone to convince me otherwise.  That’s right, a challenge.

Ravens Draft Day Roundup

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One of the virtues of being in the thirties when it comes to draft day is that hey, you’re there for a reason. You’ve got shit figured out. Take it easy. Now’s the time to start making long-term investments that’ll pay off in a year or two, rather than hurrying sandbags into a collapsing levee.

So I’m going to talk about my Ravens.

1st round: Ben Grubbs, right guard, Auburn. One of the most liked linemen coming into the draft. The combine is full of those non-specific but enthusiastic notes that, were this baseball, would make Billy Beane tip over a lat press machine. “Explodes off the line” … “non-stop motor” … “mauler with a mean streak.”

Go You TigersOn the other hand, it’s tough to quote impressive figures about a guard, so I understand the ambiguity. So here’s one impressive stat: Ben Grubbs never missed a game in college. This speaks of good health and, more importantly (on a team which still starts Jamal “Probation” Lewis and Ray “Obstruction of Justice” Lewis), good behavior.

3rd round: Yamon Figurs, wide receiver, Kansas State. The Ravens probably didn’t draft Figurs to catch passes, which is no doubt making the Texans pull their hair out. Say what you will about his hands – Figurs posted the fastest speed at the combine this year, and he ran back more than five fields’ worth of punts, twice for touchdowns. Pair him up with the like of B.J. Sams and the Ravens could once again have a punt return unit that puts points on the board. Read More