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March 22, 2007


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The big news of today was that Jonathan Papelbon will be the Red Sox’s closer for the upcoming season. I am two minds of this, as I’ve been wanting to see him start regularly since he was first called up, but at the same time I definitely didn’t want to see Tavarez close out most of our games. Pick fights with Devil Rays, maybe, but not hold off tiny leads. I suppose I’ll have to deal with the idea of him as our fifth starter, which I guess is better in that he will be responsible for my stress every fifth day instead of every other day or so.

I took some pictures outside of Fenway Park this afternoon. By some I mean only three, as my memory card was already nearly full from a wedding I had attended the weekend previous. It didn’t really matter too much as Fenway is fugly right now as the snow has just started to melt and there’s a lot of construction everywhere. I suppose I could’ve taken pictures of the soon-to-be-opened Popeye’s, a chain I only recently learned that most New Englanders are not familiar with. The place is awesome, and they make KFC look like a fucking Whole Foods. I used to hit that place after high school and get their heart-stopping biscuits with my friend Spencer, who last I checked was a piano bar singer in Bethesda.

Anyway, the lack of substantive content is due to the fact that my league’s fantasy baseball draft is this Saturday. I am adrift in a sea of VLOOKUP and RANK Excel functions. I’ll let you know how it all broke down on Sunday.

  • So how wide does this leave the door for the RedSox to woo Rodger? Would half a season of Tavarez and half a season of Clemens work for you?

  • RJ

    I think successfully wooing Clemens would create an…interesting atmosphere at Sox games. Quite a polarizing fellow, that guy.

    I’m more worried about killing Papelbon’s arm more than anything else.

  • That will be the last time we trash talk Whole Foods on this site, thankyouverymuch.

  • RJ

    Um…it was more a slam on KFC? Or are you saying Whole Foods actually isn’t healthy?

  • Ah. I am unable to read, it appears. 🙂

  • Serpico

    Of note, I know Popeye’s. I know it all too well.

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