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Pete Orr – Your Next American Canadian Idol

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Pete OrrOn Saturday I was able to catch the Mets v. Braves game on The Braves Station (from heretofore know as TBS). Well TBS decided to place a microphone on a certain Braves player: Peterson Thomas “Pete” Orr. Well, Pete decided to talk, sing, make sound effects and other wacky things that TBS could use in montage form. (We all know that a montage is the sincerest form of flattery.) And montage they did!

One thing Pete said in the montage was that “it’s so cold, even the players from the cold are cold.” He should know, seeing as he’s from the frozen North: Canada. A CanadianOrr was also singing along when the stadium sound system was playing My Girl, but using his own words: “I guess [Craig] Wilson says ‘I get weirder every day.'” What TBS didn’t show us was the whole song. Well, I called some of my connections, made some deals, and got the full transcript of the entire song. I hope you like it. Read More