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Pete Orr – Your Next American Canadian Idol

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Pete OrrOn Saturday I was able to catch the Mets v. Braves game on The Braves Station (from heretofore know as TBS). Well TBS decided to place a microphone on a certain Braves player: Peterson Thomas “Pete” Orr. Well, Pete decided to talk, sing, make sound effects and other wacky things that TBS could use in montage form. (We all know that a montage is the sincerest form of flattery. ????? ???? ???????? ) And montage they did!

One thing Pete said in the montage was that “it’s so cold, even the players from the cold are cold. ????? ????? ” He should know, seeing as he’s from the frozen North: Canada. bet365 arabic A CanadianOrr was also singing along when the stadium sound system was playing My Girl, but using his own words: “I guess [Craig] Wilson says ‘I get weirder every day.’” What TBS didn’t show us was the whole song. Well, I called some of my connections, made some deals, and got the full transcript of the entire song. I hope you like it. Read More