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Success Isn’t Blessed In The BCS Mess


Crystal Footballtrain wreck

First SoCal and Geaux Tigers had their toes in the door
Then Stanford shocked SoCal, the doormats no more!
So Just Cal moved to 2nd in all football land
(Thanks a ton, Cardinal, and again for the band!)

But Just Cal stumbled when Kevin Riley slipped
On a junior high brainfart when his legs took a trip
Now Just Cal is gone and what the hell? LSU?
Kentucky in three OTs leaves them feeling blue Read More



At Shea on Monday night, I learned two things: (1) the campaign for Paul Lo Duca, All-Star is in full swing- this kind of thing is, of course, commonly known as “just being greedy;” and (2) a cathartic win like that is much better in person- even if followed up the next day by an absolute drubbing.

All-Star voting strikes me as both awesome and stupid- awesome because, hey, up with people; stupid because, hey, people are dumb. But there’s a new campaign brewing which could single-handedly derail the entire democratic process, turn night into day, and bring dogs, cats, and birds together into some monstrous type of anti-human alliance.

Vote For Sal. Yes, Sal. Fasano. Click it.

You see, the power of Sal has -finally!- been mathematically proven. The other day Sal was designated for assignment. As a direct result, and I swear this is scientifically accurate, the Blue Jays lost 10-1 to the Dodgers. How can you ignore such overwhelming evidence? Sal Fasano will likely be out of baseball in 4 days- unless he makes the All-Star team! Despite not playing for any major league baseball club! No conceivable outcome would do more to undermine the fan-voting process and show the world that YOU truly deserved to be Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

Change the world. Vote for Sal. Deprive the Long Island Ducks of a catching prospect.

Postscript: Holy shit.

The Worst Idea Since Kaz Matsui

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[Via Deadspin / via Deuce of Davenport]

X-Treme Baseball! Seriously, it’s like Calvinball without the whimsy or imaginary tiger and paper hats. Their website’s as much of a wretched abomination as their concept of sport, and oh, that poor guy holding the makeshift back/side-stop. Just watch the video:

If you want to make baseball more XTREME, just fill the stands with gigantic people like we do in Queens. Fans in armor sounds pretty XTREME to me.

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