[The Knights of Ncaa’sia] Chapter 1 – Knights Assemble!

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It is a dark time in Ncaa’sia. A mysterious evil has caused crops to wither, demons to spring forth from cracks in the earth and the dead themselves to rise and attack! The Mighty King, from his Orange Throne, put out a call for the greatest heroes to step forward and combat the darkness. He called for His Knights!

And without fail, they assembled and prepared for combat!

The Scarlet Knight – Though the group’s youngest member, he a warrior of great skill and daring. His family was lost in a goblin raid when he was but a boy, and he vowed as he watched his village burn that he would fight to make sure no such thing happened again. Armed with the Shield of Righteous Vengeance, a gift from Wizards of South Bend, he began a life of adventure and never looked back. Any village in peril, any maiden in need of rescue, any fort under seige, fear not! The Scarlet Knight is on his way!

KnightroKnightro – They say that no man has ever seen his face and lived. They say that he lived a life of evil and decadence in the Swamp Kingdom of Florida before hearing the divine call to become a paladin. They say that within his golden armor beats the heart of a tormented monster, yearning for salvation. But mostly, they just fall before his sword or fall to their knees in prayer.

Knightro is the group’s spiritual leader. Though eerily quiet and unwaveringly secretive, he can always be relied on for prayer and counsel in even the most grim of times. But his skill with a broadsword suggests a life not always dedicated to the Gods of Sport. No one will ever really know the true story of his past, but if he is seeking salvation for past evils, he’s doing it with a passion inspired from on high.

The Black Knight – A veteran of a dozen military campaigns, the Black Knight provides tactical leadership and diplomatic acumen. A tuft of grey hair and a face streaked with age lie beneath his helmet, but his battle senses haven’t dulled. Just ask him, and he will regale you at length with stories of past victories and victories yet to come. His tales of the past, albeit sometimes longwinded, have been known to inspire whole villages to volunteer for the cause. Regardless of what that cause may be!

The Crusader – His full name is The Crusader of Valparaiso, a fact that he will correct you on any chance he gets. A self-styled “wandering minstrel and swordmaster,” the Crusader brings a sense of levity to the group. Truly, who can take themselves seriously when one of their number plays bardic tunes ad nauseam on every extended horseride? He’s a newer addition to the group, meeting them not one year ago while they were travelling through the underground realm of the Boilermakers. The Crusader had been imprisoned for singing a particularly lewd song within earshot of a nobleman, and it was only the negotiating skills of the Black Knight that saved him from punishment in The Forge of Purdue.

Despite his foppish penchant for song and grandiose displays of swordsmanship, his heart is in the right place and he is unflappably loyal to his friends. Good thing, too, since his antics often get his compatriots into frustrating situations.

The Red Raider – “Not all thieves are criminals!” That is what the Red Raider has spent his life trying to tell the world. While a scout in the King’s Army, it was discovered that he had superhuman quickness and agility. Accordingly, he was sent on a number of highly dangerous spy missions against the foes of Ncaa’sia, becomming a master of locks, rapelling and horse riding in the process. He took an unofficial “retirement” from service a few years ago, but was pressed back into service by the new evil that is befalling his beloved homeland and now rides with the Knights.


Blaze – Blaze’s welcome to the group was something of a happy accident. The Knights were dispatched to the gleaming white city of Alabaster Birmingham to combat a dragon that, the locals told, would devour anyone walking the streets after dark. Knightro and the Scarlet Knight wandered the city in the middle of the night, ready to strike down any beast that dare to attack. As they rounded a corner, Knightro heard the telltale shriek of a dragon but was enveloped in it’s wings before he could draw his sword. Yet the paladin was spared. It turns out that Blaze was merely loney, and was sneaking up on people at night for “stealth hugs,” since he felt that no one would ever want to hug a dragon. As an apology for the misunderstanding, the Knights invited him on a journey, and Blaze quickly became a valued member due to his surprising cooking ability and love of the Crusader’s songs.

As they ride forth into the imperiled kingdom, they all do so with a powerful sense of determination. Truly, it is these heroes that will spell the difference between victory and defeat against the growing darkness!