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[The Knights of Ncaa’sia] Chapter 1 – Knights Assemble!

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It is a dark time in Ncaa’sia. A mysterious evil has caused crops to wither, demons to spring forth from cracks in the earth and the dead themselves to rise and attack! The Mighty King, from his Orange Throne, put out a call for the greatest heroes to step forward and combat the darkness. He called for His Knights!

And without fail, they assembled and prepared for combat!

The Scarlet Knight – Though the group’s youngest member, he a warrior of great skill and daring. His family was lost in a goblin raid when he was but a boy, and he vowed as he watched his village burn that he would fight to make sure no such thing happened again. Armed with the Shield of Righteous Vengeance, a gift from Wizards of South Bend, he began a life of adventure and never looked back. Any village in peril, any maiden in need of rescue, any fort under seige, fear not! The Scarlet Knight is on his way!

KnightroKnightro – They say that no man has ever seen his face and lived. They say that he lived a life of evil and decadence in the Swamp Kingdom of Florida before hearing the divine call to become a paladin. They say that within his golden armor beats the heart of a tormented monster, yearning for salvation. But mostly, they just fall before his sword or fall to their knees in prayer. ??????? ???? ?????

Knightro is the group’s spiritual leader. Though eerily quiet and unwaveringly secretive, he can always be relied on for prayer and counsel in even the most grim of times. But his skill with a broadsword suggests a life not always dedicated to the Gods of Sport. No one will ever really know the true story of his past, but if he is seeking salvation for past evils, he’s doing it with a passion inspired from on high. Read More