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July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

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Girl at soccer game showing boobs and backwards flagIt’s the Fourth of July and we all know what that means: fireworks and competitive eating. Today is the highly anticipated match-up of Takeru Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut. Why is this anticipated? Well, you might know that Kobayashi has won every year since his first contest in 2000 (in 2000 he set a record of 50 dogs, the previous record was 28). Kobayashi has during his 6 year run at the top upped the record for delicious Nathan’s Hot Dogs eaten in 12 minutes to 53.75. That brings us to the challenger, Joey Chestnut. Chestnut is a competitive eater who eats everything. He has world records in waffles, grilled cheese, pork ribs, pulled pork, wings, and asparagus to name a few.

Triplets wearing only American flag body paint - Only in AmericaWhat makes this a great match-up is that in a preliminary round for this years contest, Chestnut broke the hot dog record. The new world record is 59.5 dogs. That’s almost 6 dogs more that Kobayashi. So that is what you can look forward to today for shoving hot dogs into mouths. Kobayashi weighed in Tuesday at 154 pounds; Chestnut at 215 pounds.

You can also fill your day with baseball (which starts early with Cubs v. Nationals game at 11:00am), fireworks, and beer – just as Washington and Jefferson would have wanted. Also when you’re eating hot dogs and watching the game, count the number of hot dogs you ate during the whole day and imagine eating them all during what amounts to one half-inning of baseball.

A hot dogI’m hungry just thinking about all this food, so enjoy your holiday and eat some hot dogs.

  • Duck


    Well, that’s one way to get a dude’s attention. I can’t quibble with a little T & A now and then.

    Chestnut wound up eating 66 hot dogs! Kobayashi ate 63, then returned to being Keyser Soye’s lawyer.

  • I gotta say, that was some damn fine eating.

    For historical accuracy, however, Button Gwinnett was the forefather most in favor of hot dogs and fireworks, though Gouvernor Morris was universally known as “Beery McBaseball-Gouvernour.” I’ve altered wikipedia to reflect this newfound scholarship.

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