Can’t Post; Reading Blogs

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University of Arizona Softball TeamI’ve been browsing the sports blogo-icosahedron, and I do this all the time now that I have my own blog. It has to be done; blogging is a team sport, and when a teammate does well you have to pat him or her on the ass. Plus, if I think of anything good to say (highly doubtful), posting a comment elsewhere usually creates a nice pretty link back to here.

Of course I find the hot women of University of Arizona Softball. I find a sports blog post about video games that someone here didn’t write. I also learn of the record breaking ratings for the NHL playoffs this year, but most of my time has been clogged up with the Hot Blogger Brackets of the Ladies…

Why is this affecting me so? Because I never knew how many freaking sports blogs were out there. Damn. I’m trying to read bits and pieces of all of them to see which ones are good enough to be added to my RSS reader. This is causing me to open a mega-ton of Firefox tabs. So much so that now when I do Ctrl+Alt+Del I can see that my firefox.exe process is using 395,744 K.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to Calvin Johnson’s contract before my computer crashes and I lose ev%#¬yk thî^ng^&^§¬¬