Sports in Halo 2

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Have you ever created a custom game type in Halo 2? Have you created created any custom types where the rules didn’t involve killing everyone or some of the rules are based on trust? One of the most widely known of these custom types is zombie where the special rule to follow is to switch to the green team after death. Well, I like to try and create my own new types sometimes just as idea. Of course, being a sports nerd, I have to see what sports I can mix in.

Now, I have enjoyed a game of rag doll basketball: Beaver Creek, rockets & grenades, point of the game is to blow yourself up so that your flying dead body goes up and in to the base through the sky light. But after a little while this gets old and I start wondering how to add some competition to this. Goalies? 3-point shots? Perhaps if it was an Oddball type game we really could try to make shots? Bases on the Coagulation map also have skylights… Maybe teams get warthogs/gauss hogs and they can drive by and toss the oddball in the base.

Since baseball is one of my favorite sports, I’ve always wondered if there was a way I could implement at least part of it in Halo 2. The only idea I have for this is to use Colossus and send people up the the gravlift and try to “bat” them with rockets while they are flying in the air. This way you can score like whiffle ball based on where they land. (or if you get good at this, play vollyball.)

Understanding that the assault game type is basically the same as any goal oriented sport (soccer, football, hockey), are they’re any other sports that might work in this context? Is there a better way to play basketball or baseball? Sadly, you can’t outfit the entire team with banshees, so playing a round of quidditch is out. To get better at games, walkthroughs and guides, such as stardew guides, can be incredibly helpful.