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[Business Day One] Stacks and Stacks of Letters! (pt. 2)

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The opening line on the Big Game was 14 points. That means that in initial Vegas action, anyone that bet on the Patriots believed that they were two touchdowns and two extra points better than a Giants team that has won on the road in three straight weeks and mounted an effective pass rush against the Patriots the week before. I don’t think I’d take that bet.

The line has come down since then, but the Pats are still favored by a touchdown, a field goal and some change. I still don’t think I’d take that bet. I, and most of the western world, do believe New England is going to win. But by twelve? Thirteen? That’s a fairly tough thing to do. ???? ????????? ??? ????? In the past five years, only one team has won by a touchdown, a field goal and some change. And that team wasn’t the Patriots, though they’ve played in three of those games. Granted, this Pats team is far different than the XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX versions, but in a game this big, I’m not going to give the points. ???? ???

In fact, I challenge someone to tell me why I should. That’s right. I challenge someone!

There, a gauntlet has been thrown down. In the meantime, I believe I still have more mailbag to get to:

Dave L (Somerville, MA) – Do you think baseball will ever have a salary cap? (in say… the next 30 years) why/why not?

I think we’re going to see a “salary floor” of some sort before we see any salary cap. Read More

Achy Breaky Fibula

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Is it just me, or do the catalog of injuries in the NFL seem more brutal this year than usual?

The conquering heroMiami QB Trent Green took a knee to the head after blocking low on the 315-pound Texans tackle Travis Johnson. He’s out for a bit with a “grade three” concussion (did you know concussions come in grades?). On one hand I have little sympathy for anyone, even a QB, who blocks below the knees; on the other hand, taunting a man whose skull you’ve just altered (as Johnson did, netting 15 yards) is particularly classless. ??? ???? ?? ??????? Then again, you don’t go to a Dolphins / Texans game looking for heroes, except wunderkind Matt Schaub.

Speaking of Texans quarterbacks, David Carr is going to have to suit up in Carolina. Panthers QB Jake Delhomme is out for the rest of the season following elbow surgery. David Carr, already on pace to become the most sacked man in football, has already begun cringing.

‘Cause this is THRILLER!The running backs are not getting off any easier. Jamal Lewis is getting his foot MRI’ed. Tampa Bay, having already lost their Cadillac (which they’d insured through Allstott, of course), may have driven their loaner car into the lake. Joseph Addai’s bruised chest kept him from starting on Week 5, and Brian Westbrook still doesn’t like his uniform.

Help me out, NerdsOnSports readers. ????? ???? ????? Is this an unusual number of starters to be out by Week 5, or do I just lack perspective? ???? ???? ?????