Achy Breaky Fibula

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Is it just me, or do the catalog of injuries in the NFL seem more brutal this year than usual?

The conquering heroMiami QB Trent Green took a knee to the head after blocking low on the 315-pound Texans tackle Travis Johnson. He’s out for a bit with a “grade three” concussion (did you know concussions come in grades?). On one hand I have little sympathy for anyone, even a QB, who blocks below the knees; on the other hand, taunting a man whose skull you’ve just altered (as Johnson did, netting 15 yards) is particularly classless. Then again, you don’t go to a Dolphins / Texans game looking for heroes, except wunderkind Matt Schaub.

Speaking of Texans quarterbacks, David Carr is going to have to suit up in Carolina. Panthers QB Jake Delhomme is out for the rest of the season following elbow surgery. David Carr, already on pace to become the most sacked man in football, has already begun cringing.

‘Cause this is THRILLER!The running backs are not getting off any easier. Jamal Lewis is getting his foot MRI’ed. Tampa Bay, having already lost their Cadillac (which they’d insured through Allstott, of course), may have driven their loaner car into the lake. Joseph Addai’s bruised chest kept him from starting on Week 5, and Brian Westbrook still doesn’t like his uniform.

Help me out, NerdsOnSports readers. Is this an unusual number of starters to be out by Week 5, or do I just lack perspective?