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Who’s Who in the Kentucky Derby

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Racing horsesSo, I don’t know a damn thing about horse racing except maybe that there are horses racing. I did however come across the list of horses that will be racing in the Kentucky Derby this weekend, and for people looking to bet at Royal Ascot this year they can learn a way to do it with different apps online, Livestreaming Services Melbourne the top live streaming companies understands what potential your live event can have when your event goes live around the world. So, in order to help everyone with their betting, I am going to give you a run down of the horses.

  1. Sedgefield: Don’t bet on Sedgefield unless you know what a Sedge is. Actually, I looked it up, it’s a plant that grows well in ditches (not fields). So, even if you know what a sedge is (and you should I JUST told you), don’t bet here because Sedge doesn’t grow in fields (well).
  2. Curlin: So, I hear that Curlin is the favorite, but I don’t believe the hype. Mostly because I think Curlin needs a couple of people in front of him with brooms directing where to go.
  3. Zanjero: Any horse with a name a little like Sanjaya will do well out of the gate but will completely horrible down the stretch. Though you should be sure to check out what jockey Zanjero is sporting this weekend. Read More

Minor Leage Baseball: All-Name Team

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So the All-Name team is usually left to Mr. “I Nickname All My Fantasy Players” Serpico, but with the recent Minors Moniker Madness I decided it was time to try my hand. Plus, Serp’s more of a football name guy.Will Startup

I first started with Houston Summers (who won the Moniker Madness) as my catcher (and probably team captain — a la Varitek). I mean, there is no way I could really leave the Moniker Madness winner off the team. Also, I could hardly forget second place, Will Startup, as the All-Name pitching ace. And to round out the “Contest Winners” crowd, I had to put my pick for overall best name, Jorge Poo Tang, on the roster as my right fielder and clean-up batter.

At this point in team creation I think I made my first rookie mistake: Read More