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[Business Day One] My Favorite Sports Story

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Hi folks, I’m on the road, a day removed from taking in a Safeco Field and soaking in the sites and sounds of Seattle. Despite the fact that I have no internet access, I am still honoring my solemn duty to provide you all with your weekly helping of Business Day One.  In previous weeks, I have handed out my Salute to Nerds In Sports to the very deserving Tim Duncan and Mike Mussina.

But this week, I’m honoring a story, told nearly a decade ago, about what may likely be the single greatest nerdy sports event in history. Doug Glanville, a nerd, homered twice in one game off of fellow nerd Curt Schilling.  His reason was revenge.  Sweet, brilliant revenge. So enjoy it, world.  And salute the redemption of Bingbong!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to eat five pounds of smoked salmon.