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A Birthday Gift


So Today is my birthday, but instead of asking for gifts, I am going to give one away. I am ordering a copy of Baseball Prospectus’s new Guide to the 2008 Baseball Season for myself, but I thought I could share the nerdiness. I’m also going to give away a copy of the book. Hopefully next week at this time, I will declare a winner.

Now, don’t worry, I’m not setting up some crazy contest. It will be a random drawing of everyone who comments on this post and answers my question. Right or wrong doesn’t matter (actually, I prefer wrong).

Cakes are made from various combinations of refined flour, some form of shortening, sweetening, eggs, milk, leavening agent, and flavoring. There are literally thousands of cakes recipes (some are bread-like and some rich and elaborate) and many are centuries old. Cake making is no longer a complicated procedure.

Baking utensils and directions have been so perfected and simplified that even the amateur cook may easily become and expert baker. T here are five basic types of cake, depending on the substance used for leavening.

During cake, birthday celebrations are great for cutting cake and match cake theme and look party. However, the highlight of the cake is that it is a delicious dessert at the birthday party because people like to eat cakes. The taste of the cake as some flavors is more popular with the guests of the party than some other people. There are different flavors that are used to make a birthday cake, and occasionally a variety of layers or tires can have different flavors on the birthday cake. Click here If you want to know more about the best mooncake in Singapore.

The birthday cake has three aspects of the taste. It includes the taste of cake sponges, the flavor of the cake filling in the cake and the flavor of the piece used to cover the cake, and makes it very attractive. These three parts make birthday cakes and taste may be similar or different on each, but tastes have to go well with each other. The most popular birthday cakes are popular because of the taste and flavor of the cake and the cake in the cake.

Italian butter-cream, French butter-cream, German butter-cream, and simple cream cheese is a top choice for the icing and influences the taste of birthday cakes. There is a number one option to cover festive cakes, especially if the cake has a design and theme. Fondant is used to make toppings like Kalakand flowers, Kalt and small cake topping, and creative cake design.

The most primitive peoples in the world began making cakes shortly after they discovered flour. In medieval England, the cakes that were described in writings were not cakes in the conventional sense. They were described as flour-based sweet foods as opposed to the description of breads, which were just flour-based foods without sweetening.

Bread and cake were somewhat interchangeable words with the term “cake” being used for smaller breads. The earliest examples were found among the remains of Neolithic villages where archaeologists discovered simple cakes made from crushed grains, moistened, compacted and probably cooked on a hot stone. Today’s version of this early cake would be oatcakes, though now we think of them more as a biscuit or cookie.

Cakes were called “plakous” by the Greeks, from the word for “flat.” These cakes were usually combinations of nuts and honey. They also had a cake called “satura,” which was a flat heavy cake.

During the Roman period, the name for cake (derived from the Greek term) became “placenta.” They were also called “libum” by the Romans, and were primarily used as an offering to their gods. Placenta was more like a cheesecake, baked on a pastry base, or sometimes inside a pastry case.

From classic white and yellow cakes to German chocolate, devil’s food, and red velvet cakes, many of our most beloved cakes are variations on the same method: The batter begins by beating butter or shortening with sugar until fluffy.

These cakes are sometimes refered to as creamed cakes (because the butter and sugar are “creamed” together). Creamed cakes are often layer cakes — tall beauties showy enough for celebrations.

The tips here will help you perfect a creamed layer cake. If you want to know how to bake a cake that’s not a creamed cake, skip to the links at the end of this article for how to make angel food, pound cake, sponge cake, and cheesecake.

The Question:
Roger Clemens, like Barry Bonds, is too trusting of creepy looking trainers (have you seen the guy, he looks like a human/rat hybrid). So I say he didn’t know he was being injected in the buttocks with steroids. What did Roger think was in the needle?