Barring Brian Westbrook and the Eagles defense combining for “keep this on the highlight reel for the rest of history” nights, my fantasy football season will come to an end this week. I regret nothing, really. My draft choices were good, my record was good, and I had fun this season. Well, as much fun as you can have playing fantasy football.

If you’re still alive in your playoffs, good luck. If you’re about to lose, don’t worry. ESPN’s Bowl Week is coming up, so at least you’ll be reminded that your life is better than anyone’s who is playing in the Bowl.

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  • I realize this is a sad day for you and all, but what went wrong? Any insights to bestow upon the masses of us who don’t win our fantasy leagues? What was out of your control, what could you have maybe planned a little better for?

    I demand answers! OK, maybe not demand, but at least it would be pleasing to me to have answers.

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