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Tom Brady recently ran into the 4-legged Tom Brady on the streets of New York City. The 4-legged Tom Brady was a dog, named so by a fan. So I figured I would try and give all my pets athlete names.

First is my pet Emu.

Emu JohnsonRandy Johnson

His name is Randy Johnson.

I also have a pet lion, I named him Manny Ramirez. Here’s a picture of him after missing a fly ball:

Lion Hiding Behind PawManny Ramirez

Of course I don’t let Manny hang out with Randy — No Sox/Yankees violence allowed in my house/zoo. Another of my dangerous animals is my pretty fox, Anna. She always looks this smug.

Anna KournikovaSmug Red Fox

I don’t know if you can have a menagerie without an ogre.

ShrekDavid Ortiz Laughs… at you

Those creatures live outside. In my aquarium, I have this lovely fishy:

Purple Lipped FishPurple Lipped Man

Notice the magic of those purple lips. I thinks that’s what ARodFishy uses to hypnotize his prey. I also have a lizard around here. His name is Tiger.

Blue Tongue SkinkTiger Woods With Tongue

Look at those tongues! I have a couple more pets, but I am really wondering what everyone else has. Please let me know.