[Business Day One] Special Report – Leftwich Is Never The Answer


So let me get this straight: A team with severe offensive line problems has swapped out their current starter for a quarterback that can’t move, gets hurt often and has only been with the team for one month?

I, ummm, well I guess that’s why I’m not a head football coach. Because to me, that sounds stupid. You don’t replace the engine of a car when the wheels don’t work. At least, that’s the way I think in my non-head coach mind.

Perhaps this is some way of teaching the offensive line a lesson. Maybe Coach Bobby Petrino is going to cover Leftwich in bells and see how many ring each time a defensive end knocks the statue over. Maybe that’ll make them feel bad about their shoddy execution. Who’s to say? Certainly not me. I’m not a head football coach.

But I am a sports blogger, so I’m entitled to say the following:

Starting Byron Leftwich is Never the Answer!