Money shot


First and most important: RIP Rod Beck. I didn’t follow his career closely enough to write a proper eulogy, but he and his awesome facial hair will be missed.

In lighter news, last Thursday dollar bills fell from the sky at Petco park, just before Albert Castillo hit a solo homer in the sixth inning. Apparently, a fan in one of the suites threw a couple dozen dollar bills onto the field below, with the majority of them landing in left field, foul territory and the Orioles dugout.

Described as “a literal money shot” – which is really an unfortunate play on words, if you think about it – the homerun inspired Castillo’s teammates to collect the falling bills they could find and award them to him. Although he declined the money, perhaps fans have found the proper incentive in getting the Orioles offense to wield a little more power? Maybe some fives and tens to get Millar on base more often? Or a couple of benjamins to motivate the O’s bullpen to actually successfully save a game?

I wonder how much the ballgirl ended up finding. It’s got to beat the stuff that usually gets thrown onto the field: beachballs, batteries, and all the rest.