Tom Hicks and the ‘roids

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Update: I got an email from CBS11 (the story link below) pointing out the video of the interview with Tom Hicks. Check out the video.

Texas Rangers Owner Tom Hicks with his Liverpool ScarfUmm… why is nobody talking about Tom Hicks and the accusation of Juan Gonzalez doing steroids? Is it because Canseco has already ‘been there; done that’?

If you don’t know, Tom Hicks, the owner of the Texas Rangers, was interviewed last week and he was asked about deals he regretted making and the money spent on those deals. He mentioned the waste of $65 million on pitcher Chan Ho Park and also “Juan Gonzalez, for $24 million, after he came off steroids probably… we just gave that money away.” [full story]

I’m wondering what (if any) could be the exciting fall out from this; if you mention steroids, it seems that Bud Selig will blackmail you. (Ultra smart Canadian man looks into the future of this.) The boys on Baseball Tonight seemed to be quite upset with this “accusation” and said that it will change things in Texas. They said that everyone is going to be worried that they will be next to get thrown under the bus and they will be extra careful with things like “See, this is Aspirin. I’m taking it for minor aches and pains.” They also said that he should be calling his lawyer now and preparing things.

Dusty Baker, who was a live via satellite guest on Baseball Tonight, wasn’t as convinced as Krucky and the boys that it was going to cause a stir, because Juan is gone. He said that what was said wasn’t right, but that it wasn’t going to change things in the clubhouse.

I, however, am of another opinion. That is that everyone in baseball is super uptight about the ‘roids and can’t just admit “mistakes were made.” They have to stick together like silly little sorority girls. Also, why can’t Tom Hicks agree with Canseco? He said “probably.” As if to say “I didn’t see anything myself, but Jose said so, and his terrible falling apart stats lead me to believe.” So, I say, good for him – treating steroids like they existed. What a novel idea.