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May 29, 2007

Let’s Make A Sport

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User-generated content day at Nerds on Sports.
Today’s game: Let’s Invent A Sport.

The procedure:

(1) You add a rule by posting a comment to this entry.

(2) The rules don’t need to be in any kind of sequential or procedural order. So if everybody else is talking about how to resolve fouls and you want to set the rules for overtime, just write it down.

(3) Don’t contradict anything that anybody else wrote already, unless you want it to be a special exception or a rules loophole.

(4) Don’t waste comments asking, “Hey, what do you mean when you say ‘x’ in comment #202?” Tell me what I meant by adding it to the rules.

I’ll start us off.

Scoring: Players score by either advancing the ball into their opponent’s First Zone and then passing the ball to a teammate in the opponent’s Primary Zone, or by advancing the ball into the opponent’s Primary Zone and then passing it to a teammate in the opponent’s First Zone.

  • Serpico

    Equipment: The ball must measure between 4 1/3 and 4 2/3 inches when fully inflated. The rings on either side must extend between 2 and 2 1/3 inches from the ball’s surface.

    Players are required to wear a full helmet and face cage, as well as a padded chest protector and gloves.

  • Fish

    The playing field shall be in the shape of a hexagon that is divided into six triangular sections, each section denoting the First Zone of each of the six teams participating in the match.

  • Sylvia

    Players are allowed to remain stationary for only five second intervals.

  • Surrounding the inner hexagon is a circular area (the hexagon is contained in a circle) known as the Primary Zone. The area outside each team’s First Zone is the Primary Zone for that team. Due to the hexagon shape, this allows for an overlap in zones where teams can pass from first to primary to first to score twice. (scoring twice like this can only happen against different opponents.)

  • Pedro

    The Net: The net extends from endpole to endpole around the perimeter of the First Zones, forming the border bettween the First and Primary Zones. It extends from 2 feet 6 inches above the ground to ten feet in height (or to a minimum of 1 foot from the ceiling in indoor matches).

    Any player but the Steward of each time touching the net incurs a penalty. Players must pass under the net without making contact to traverse from First to Primary zones and back.

  • Pedro

    That should say “of each team”

  • To move the ball from one First Zone to another, a player must either pass the ball through the air or travel across the Zone border holding one ring of the ball, with another teammate holding the other ring.

    Only a team’s Traveler can cross the border between First Zones carrying the ball by himself.

  • Serpico


    Netting – non-Steward player touches the net – player must take single lap around perimeter of pitch before he is allowed to touch the ball

    Swatting – player overly aggressive in attempt to steal ball – player must take five laps around perimeter of pitch before he is allowed to touch the ball

    Masking – player grabs or twists face cage of other player – player must take seven laps around perimeter of pitch before he is allowed to touch the ball

  • Checking – Checking is legal in a players own first zone or against a (non-steward) player in their primary zone. All illegal checks incur a 1 lap penalty that may be served by any player but may not be “shared.”

    All penalties, unless otherwise noted, the offending player must serve the penalty, and the penalty may be “shared” with other players.

    “Sharing” – A shareable penalty may be split among any number of players. Players sharing a penalty must run in close vicinity to each other. Lap counts may only be divided in half so a 1 lap penalty can be shared with 2 players going half a lap, but not by 3 players going 1/3 of a lap.

  • Fish

    While passing the ball from one First Zone to another requires it to remain in air and not touch the ground before being caught by a teammate, passing the ball from First Zone to Primary Zone requires it to bounce at least once on it’s trajectory (which is virtually required anyway as the nets dividing the two Zones provide an opening only up to 30 inches above the ground.)

  • M. Witty

    First possession shall be determined by a roll of the twenty-sided die.

  • Spectre

    Tiebreaker: In the event that two or more teams are tied at the conclusion of the match, the winner shall be determined by the standard “Altoids race”, whereby each team captain is timed ingesting a new full tin of Altoids (standard Peppermint flavor only).

  • Once per match, each team’s Steward may appoint one particularly loud supporter of the opposition to stand in as the “dummy.” The dummy may not leave the primary zone or the team forfeits five points. Successfully striking the dummy with seven consecutive thrown balls results in a five point bonus for the attacking team, however if there are six consecutive strikes followed by an opposing score, or if the dummy is struck anywhere but the provided chestplate, the Steward must take seven non-shareable laps. Any other outcome renders the dummy’s service complete without boon or penalty to either side. The dummy may then take a specially-designated front row seat and receives three tennis balls which he may throw at the team responsible for his being called in as he sees fit.

  • D.C.

    In order to eliminate another team you have to remove their points from the first section, the sections are counted counter-clockwise.

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