Multimedia Blitz

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I have no unifying story today so I am just going to toss a bunch of links and info with fun sights and sounds at you.

Let’s start with Sound. Have you ever wondered how exactly to say “EA Sports. It’s in the game.”? Well Andrew Anthony, the guy behind the words, is willing to teach you.

(go here. Player removed.)

Next stop on the multimedia parade is Light, as in High Powered Flashlight. A New York Metropolitans fan is in jail this weekend for aiming a flashlight at Tim Hudson and Edgar Renteria. Turns out that for disrupting a sports game in NYC you face a year in jail and a $5000 fine. For more history check out the Fox Sports article.

DM and Alien BuddyThirdly I’ll go with Images. Tonight Daisuke Matsusaka is facing off against another rookie, Chase Wright. But I don’t think DM is worried about facing the Yankees. He has played on the same team as an alien. I think if you can get past that you can survive the YANKS-SOX media frenzy.

And lastly, I will leave you with Poetry from Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Everywhere some child or innocent one has left them unprotected
Not of ignorance or shallow thinking
They aren’t hidden due to love
Hope and a sincere belief in all men
There would be no need to bury them In dark, cold holes
Where no life could possibly spring from their loved thoughts
Wouldn’t ever feel a need to lock them away either

What does a thief gain?
Unfortunately even the most ignorant
Vile and irresponsible idiot can gain from dreamers


For the entire peom, visit the Official Jake The Snake Homepage and visit the Snakebytes section. Because the poem really has to be enjoyed scrolling with a midi theme. (I think this only works in Internet Explorer. Jake The Snake is a Microsoft shill.)