Don’t Change That Channel.

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This being Easter, well, call me the Easter Bunny ’cause I’ve got a little present for you: a bit of wisdom!

Don’t change that channel.

If you already missed most of the game, just let it slide. Odds are, you’re not going to be pleased with the outcome– either you missed the good stuff, or the implosion happens as soon as you tune in. Anytime you flip to the game in the late stages, you’re: better off on the one hand waiting for “Sportscenter;” or on the other just plain not bothering. When you start watching late, you’re bound to be pissed. You missed the rally, or you tuned in for the loss.

Invariably, when I tune in for the late stages of any contest, I’m inviting disappointment. Case in point: tonight, BC vs. Michigan State for the NCAA Hockey championship. My father calls me and asks, innocently enough, “Are you watching? This is a great game!”

I had forgotten that I wanted to watch it, as the day had been full of… well, things that are slightly more important than college hockey, I guess. But upon the reminder, I had to change the channel.

When I tune in, it’s 2:30 (or so) left to play. 1-1. A tightly played game on both sides. Puck goes up and down the ice, every player is looking positively Gretzkyesque, it’s some damn fine hockey for two whole minutes. Then, somehow, MSU squirts the puck into the net. (Actually, it was mostly through defensive incompetence that they pulled that off. Not really a “somehow” type of mystery.) 2-1, 18.9 seconds left. Game over. Punctuation mark 17 seconds later, final score 3-1.

I watched exactly 2 (two) Boston College hockey games this year (I’m fairly certain there were only 2 I could watch, but that’s besides this particular point). First was the Beanpot final– 28th BU victory there. Second was the Frozen Four Final– another loss. I hope the Eagles fare better in the 2007-08 campaign, and I’ll do what I can to contribute to the cause.

I’ll watch Friends reruns. Eventually Ross and Rachel will figure it out.