Happy Soccer Day!


Zidane HeadbutUsually this day happens without me noticing, and then late April I wonder when and if MLS started. Usually I discover the Revolution are already 0-1-3 at that point and the loss has come at the hands feet of the New York Red Bulls (yup, terrible name and terrible team). Well this year it’s different because there was actual MLS news during the off-season keeping my brain from completely losing it’s soccer focus.

Those stories were about big name Europeans coming to play in the United States while collecting Social Security. There is the Englishman David “Bend It Like” Beckham who is now on the LA Galaxy. ?????? Which also means that his wifey, Victoria Posh Spice, is now in Magical Celebrity Movie Land (LA) and probably soon to be all over gossip blogs. The other rumor was of monsieur headbutt, Zinedine Zidane, in contract talks with the Chicago Fire. That didn’t happen so the soft fragile chests of our American stars are safe for now.

The “First Kick” happens today at The Dick (no, not that kind of kick to the dick — Dicks Sporting Goods Park in Colorado). ???? ???? ??? ??? ???? There are many other kicks tonight and tomorrow with other games, but the last kick is for the odd team left out: The Wizards. They will have their first game next weekend. I hope they play music from The Wizard of Oz or The Wiz at those Kansas City games because that’s what I hear in my head when I think of the team. Then again, The Wiz are the team that really lives with the “haha soccer” mentality of many Americans. They only get about 4,000 fans per game, and there’s a chance that they might play their games at a high school stadium next year. ???? ????? ????? ??????? Of course it’s hard to know if having a terrible team or a Always Lose in the MLS Cup team is better. I guess I’ll have to ask RJ, who is our fantasy baseball’s version of the Revolution.

If you want to get a quick overview of the teams this year head over to That’s On Point for their team by team breakdown, or just listen to the new MLS theme music.