Hoya Saxa… not that it matters

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I’m a terrible gambler sports prognosticator. As mentioned previously, we do this little fantasy baseball league, and I’m solid middle of the road year-in, year-out. So it should hardly be surprising that my lack of picking prowess translates into other, equally venerable sports betting guessing arenas.

I entered an NCAA pool this year, giving in to that yearly sisyphean impulse. Imagine my dismay when I saw that Georgetown (and the combo of Patrick Ewing Jr. and John Thompson XV/V) and BC would meet in the second round! (If it helps the imagination, the most dismay I could experience was about five bucks’ worth.) What to do? Logically, I couldn’t pick BC over a bigger, more consistent Hoyas team with a fierce basketball pedigree… but if a team were to eliminate our Eagles, clearly I should pick them to win out.

G’Town did win, and has since continued to win… which made me excited! Nobody else picked this team to win! It’s all OSU and Kansas homers in this pool! If the Hoyas win, I could make money get some bragging rights or something! Unfortunately, my lack of attention to detail has once more led to disappointment. The guy who’s now in first, with all 4 teams left correct (I had pegged UCLA to lose in the Sweet 16), has G’Town winning. So even if they win, I don’t.

I’d be crushed, but it’s only five bucks. I was a lot more upset when I missed thousands on the Super Bowl pool thanks to Adam Vinatieri (of all people!) missing a kick as the first half ran out. Like, burn the place to the ground upset. I’d say I’m never betting again, but me to exercise restraint is not a safe bet.

Y’know what? On further reflection, let me put $20 on me to exercise restraint.