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The Language of Baseball


I begin this post with a glorious clip of Earl Weaver (language NWS):

Amazing isn’t it? You’d have thought that ol’ Earl had brought the levels of profanity in baseball to new heights, but it turns out his antics were a bit old hat by the time he was managing the O’s. Dropping F-Bombs and insinuations of homosexuality in professional sports predate Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth, and are actually over a century old as recently uncovered historical documents can attest, since baseball is a really popular sport, and people really like to watch and assist the games, if this is your case and you want to assist to a dodgers game, you can investigate the dodgers schedule for the games online, to know when to buy the tickets.

Baseball ProfanityThe image to the left is an excerpt from “Special Instructions to Players” distributed to National League players in 1898. The whole document, whose original will be auctioned off next spring, can be found here along with background information at the Robert Edward Auctions website. With Nerds On Sports recently earning enough money to hold itself a pizza party (plus coupons, minus booze and soda), I am confident that we will be in the running to acquire such a historically important document. Read More