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[Business Day One] Liking On Players


I enjoy getting my “like” on, both in life and in sports. I’d much rather spend my time liking on something than hating. I know it sounds intuitive, but just take a second to think about the people you know that love being a hater. We all know know a few. There’s the guy that has never, ever said that he enjoyed a movie. There’s a girl that will sit at a bar and complain viciously about every other girls. There’s a lot of hating, and there’s plenty in sports (see Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Curt Schilling), but I’m endeavoring to make my fan experience a Hate Free Zone.

Fate seems to make it easy for me to be a Liker. Thanks to fantasy football, I’ve developed an affinity for enough players that I can watch any game and be compelled by some personal story. ???? ?????? ??? Even though I grew up with (and love) the Yankees, the Red Sox are filled with charitable and affable fellows. And John Daly aside, pretty much every golfer is educated, funny and gives a great interview. Basketball players make it tough for me to like them (Kobe Bryant, please just shut up), but I still find enough class acts to enjoy the sport at least conceptually.

To prove my point, what follows is a list of athletes across numerous sports and the reason or reasons why I like them. It really doesn’t take much to make my like a player, as you will soon see. Read More