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Tabletop Tuesday: Tabletop Death Match

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This is the TTDM logo, but I’m pretty sure none of these games have a D20 in them.

The folks behind Cards Against Humanity have set up a game design contest called Tabletop Death Match. What they did was put out an open call for game designs. They got over 500 submissions. They picked their top 16 games that intrigued them from that giant pile and invited the creators to pitch their game at GenCon last year. They got to meet with the other finalists, get some play tests done and pitch their game. That pitch was recorded and have been put out as episodes (I think it was 2 a week for 8 weeks).

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All 16 pitch episodes are out. They only thing left is to reveal the winner and give them a part of the CAH booth at this year’s GenCon in August. I figure before the final episode is aired today, I’d give my thoughts (one or two sentences) based solely on watching the videos.

Outer Earth – The art design is super early, but I really like the way the cards work together: The whole pipe thing and the connections.

Jupiter Deep – These hipsters didn’t really excite me with their pandemic in space game.

Grow – The whole model building and growing thing looked really cool. It’s probably not a game I’d play, but it looks nice.

Rocket Wreckers – Meh. The theme and the game both don’t appeal to me very much.

Pack the Pack – Could be an interesting little Tetris-like filler game.

Cool Table – OK theme and OK rules. Nothing stands out for me.

Discount Salmon – The designer team is very cute, but I hate simultaneous speed-based games.

Right of Succession – Seems like one of those complicated games that I would like and find nobody to play with. The idea of having an evolving family where you keep part of the previous generation moving forward is cool.

Penny Press – The theme seems really cool on this one. There may be some gameplay issues to work out with more playtesting, but I think there’s some good bones here.

Installation 42 – I don’t know how I feel about the idea of a battle deck builder game. I do like shifting way to add cards to your deck. Could make for an interesting game.

Fart Party – Dumb game. Great name.

What the Flock?! – Could be a cute puzzly bird game. So many puns!

Wizard Dodgeball – I love the idea of a wizard dodgeball game, but I don’t know if this game is the way to do it.

The Shadow over Westminster – I don’t know why, but this game just doesn’t grab me. Just a co-op you vs. the game. Maybe it needs a traitor in the agency… Cuz then I’d be all over it.

The Jane Austen Card Game – I don’t know how well the game works, but the theme of being a Jane Austen lady trying to out-do the other ladies for the best man.

The Amberden Affair – Looks like a game I’d play… You can play with a British Accent and there is a traitor among your ranks. What I don’t like is the whole simultaneous play, but at least it’s not speed based.

Now I wait to see if they reveal the winner in the final episode…