Ultimate Taser Ball

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Have you heard of the new sport of Ultimate Taser Ball that is electrifying the nation? Well let me introduce you.

From Discovery.com

The sport was is the brainchild of Leif Kellenberger, Eric Prum and Erik Wunsch, who work in the world of professional paintball. They were brainstorming ideas for new extreme sports and thought of adding some real energy with the use of tasers. As the concept developed, they dropped real tasers, which can cause cardiac arrest and death, for stun guns that cause pain but are not dangerous. “It’s relatively safe as any contact sport would be” Prum says.

Then they turned to creating a sport that would be more than a gimmick. It includes elements of rugby, soccer and hockey. Teams of four vie to carry or throw a 24? ball into the opponents’ goal. Tackling is allowed; punching isn’t. Defenders can only taze a player in possession of the ball who is within a designated space around the goals. (Tazing of the shoulders and groin is always illegal.)

Well, if there’s no groin shots, I guess it’s a real sport. And if that didn’t convince you, well YouTube is there to make sure you can see it in action.

So when do you want to start a pickup game of UTB? Let me know, I’m down.