Baseball Acadamy Awards


This past weekend was the 81st annual Academy Awards show (aka “The Oscars”). Also this week, baseball started having preseason games. With both of these things on my mind, my brain decided it would to combine the two. The Baseball Oscars or The Baseball Nerdcademy Awards are the result of those brain signals crossing.

Now, I could just hand these imaginary awards out based on my random whims (and I still may do that), but first I need some nominees. For that I need your help. Please send your nominees/suggestions/votes/hatemail to me via any of these multitudes of contact methods: on this post as a comment, email, twitter, or any other way you can figure to contact me. Hopefully I’ll have enough good choices to pow-wow with the other nerds (Serpico) and have the awards ready for next week.

To get everything started I will seed each category with one nomination (related to my favorite team). All the categories from the Academy were not used for 2 reasons. The first is because I don’t want to have to hire an accountant to tally anything. The second is because I probably couldn’t figure out a way to make it fit. Here are the categories and my first nominee:

Animated Feature
•Lou Piniella


•Fenway Park 

Costume Design
Redsox Retro Roadies

•A-Rod & his lipstick

Best Music
•”Okajama  Oki-Doki” by Tatami – Okajima Entrance


Best Director
•Terry Francona

Best Supporting Actor
Jonathan Papelbon

Best Actor
•Dustin Pedroia