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December 1, 2008

[Business Day One] Incendiary Comments

Chew on these, America.

–I hope Charlie Weis stays as Notre Dame’s coach for the rest of his tenure. As a Boston College alum, I’m thrilled that the Eagles have outplayed and outcoached the Irish in each season during the big guy’s tenure. Charlie Weis for Six More Years!

–I’m at a point where I don’t believe any signing the Yankees will make this offseason will result in an AL East title.

–The New York Giants are going back to the Super Bowl. Plaxico Burress will not be on the team.

–I’m getting this feeling like Crosby and Ovechkin just aren’t as charismatic as the NHL wants them to be.

–Somewhere, right now, Al Davis is building a mountain fortress.

  • Roboknee

    –I’ll agree with you on Weis cause I don’t like the Irish as a football team because they think they’re special. They may have benn, but I think their time has passed as a major college team.

    –If the Yankees rebuild thier farm system, then they’ll be a contender in a few years. Too bad the Steinbrenners have a “We want to win it now” attitude.

    –I think you’re right. They’ve got a good defense and a great running game. They got rid of Shockey and Burress is the next malcontent to be shown the door. Hopefully all teams will realize that me first players aren’t the way to go in any team sport. Everybody deserves a chance to change, but at some point enough is enough.

    –Can’t say I’ve followed hockey since the days of Lemiuex and Jagr. You just don’t see advertisers going after the Hockey Stars the way they do for Football, Basketball and Baseball. It’s cause they don’t wear sneakers.

    –And building an army of undead too.

  • angryed

    Rabid Dog says, “ is still available !”

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