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September 2, 2008

[Business Day One] Boston College, Week 1

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I had it all planned out. I called a month in advance to make sure that the bar in Portland, Maine would be playing the Boston College-Kent State tilt. Once I arrived in the beautiful coast city, I went to the bar three hours before kickoff and to confirm, in person, that it would happen.

Of course, the plan fell through. The first casualty of war is always the plan. So instead of sitting down in a nice Irish pub to watch my beloved Eagles take on the Golden Flashes, I spent the next half hour dragging my girlfriend around the Old Port section of town looking for a bar that was playing the game. Mercifully, a place called Rivalries took care of us and I spent the next three hours cheering my team along to a penalty-free 21-0 win.

This got me to thinking. I want to know what your best “I tried to go to a game, but” story is. Were you screwed over by a scalper? Did you miss a flight? Car break down? What’s your best story?

  • angryed


    I know exactly which fake Irish themed bar you are talking about…I once stopped a fight between some guy and my friend Brian…the fight was going to be partly about who was more Irish and partly in defense of the honor of some fat chick who had them flipping coins down the back of her jeans (into butt crack)…I convinced everyone that we were all drunk and that she had no honor.

    Also, I will not hear any crap about you bitching about not being able to see some sporting event at a bar (even if you planned ahead for your blog date)… I live in London –where there are two places where you can see American sports– one is a barbecue/ rib place where a sulking Danny Devito lookalike guy treats you like crap and a “Sports Cafe” bar where they ONLY play baseball when there are no football (read ‘SOCCER’) games on- and when they do , it is only Yankees games….Given your shifting allegiances, you would not be able to see your “insert winning team” games…

  • D-bomb

    In Serp’s defense, you moved to London knowing they did not regularly show of all things, American Football. Serp went to Maine with the understanding that the game would be shown at this location due to his pre-travel phone call. Also, Serp might defect from the NNY or NYG or Revolution, or whomever else, but he will never NEVER abandon the E-A-G-L-E-S. EAGLES! EAGLES! EAGLES!

    Sorry to say I don’t have much else to add to the conversation here. I can’t recall a similar incident. Thanks Serp for carrying this site by yourself.

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