Nerds on Sports March Madness – The Championship Game

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Over two hundred and fifty votes cast. A month of matches. Upsets, blowouts and victories by the slimmest of margins. All of it’s been leading to this moment: the Nerds on Sports March Madness Championship Game.

But first – the Final Four recap.

Hyrule Conference Championship

BatmanBatman and Morpheus traded blows in a rainswept alley. Batman did his best to elude the vastly stronger and faster terrorist, tossing gadgets and distractions to keep Morpheus at bay.

Morpheus tapped his Bluetooth earpiece to dial up Tank in the real world. “Tank,” he said. “I need a Mantis style Kung Fu download. 888 casino arab

“Tank?” he repeated. “Tank, come in.”

Batman tapped a blinking device on his belt. “Cellular shielding,” he growled.

“Oh, shi-” Morpheus said. ???? ??? ????

Your Hyrule Conference Champion: BATMAN

Paragon City Conference Championship

Luke SkywalkerApparently, adamantium can parry lightsabers. Who knew? Wolverine and Luke Skywalker went toe to toe for several rounds. The mutant berserker almost forced a Dark Side relapse on Luke with the ferocity of his attacks.

Luke had the edge on defense, but Wolverine wasn’t tiring. And Skywalker hadn’t been able to sever a single limb of the Canuck’s in all this time, thanks to his adamantium bones. Finally, in a sudden burst of inspiration, Luke used the Force to push Wolverine off the narrow platform on which they fought.

“RING OUT,” boomed a loud voice. ??? ???? ?? ??????

“What?” Wolverine yelled. “Are you frickin’ kidding me? Son of a …”

Your Paragon City Conference Champion: LUKE SKYWALKER

The Final Match

Your votes have been counted and your champions have been tested. But now it’s time to see who truly is the Nerds on Sports Champion – Batman or Luke Skywalker.

Cast your vote before midnight on April 14th. Results will be announced one week from today.