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March 11, 2008

March Madness – Nerds on Sports Style

Nerds on Sports is hosting its own March tournament – to see who’s the winner among all nerd icons. We sent out invitations to thousands of video game characters, comic book heroes and sci-fi action stars. Thirty-two responded and the tournament was formed.

You decide the winner – by voting in our scientific surveys!

Bracket #1: The Hyrule Conference

Bracket #2: The Paragon City Conference

Edit: Don’t forget to vote in both brackets!

The Hyrule Conference
Jack Bauer
Captain Jack Sparrow
Li Mu Bai
Master Chief
Buffy Summers
Paul Atredies
Captain James T. Kirk
Drizzt Do’urden
Major Kusanagi
Serra Angel
Snake Eyes
Mr. Incredible
The T-1000
Inigo Montoya

The Paragon City Conference
Paragon City
The Alien Queen
Indiana Jones
The Predator
Optimus Prime
Rick Deckard
Captain Lysander
Curt Schilling
Harry Potter
Solid Snake
Luke Skywalker
The Operative
Gordon Freeman

Cast your votes before midnight on Sunday the 16th. We’ll tally the winners, then move on to the next bracket on Tuesday the 18th.

  • Serpico

    Maybe I’m biased as an Ultramarine commander, but Lysander would floss his teeth with Legolas.

  • Fish

    What criteria are we voting on in this? Who would win in a fight? Who is the most “iconic” nerd character? Who is the coolest or most interesting character regardless of the “nerd-level” of said character? The character itself or the game/movie/book it represents?

    I want to make sure I vote in the proper way. Because if we’re talking purely from an “iconic” nerd standpoint… you pretty much begin at Star Wars and end at Star Trek, and thus can eliminate 30 other characters straight away. No toys or books or tv shows have reached the iconic level of nerdom that either Star series has… but of course that is why I’m thinking we’re not supposed to be voting strictly on that (since the results to the finals would be a fait accompli). So please focus in my voting, because I want to make sure I put more thought into my choices if that is what we’re looking for.

  • You’ve already put in too much thought. “Who’d win a fight” is sufficient. :mrgreen:

  • T-1000 vs. Inigo Montoya? Poor Inigo.

  • Hey, man, random pairing can be cruel.

  • Bob, I figured it would be a sword fight…

    I pictured all the battles that were way to easy for one to win in a regular fight, to be in something that was a little more neutral. Like Master Chief and Buffy had a competition of who could kill more vampires. Schilling and Harry Potter tried to see who could whine more about their problems.

  • angryed

    Bowser will win

  • Joe

    Curt Schilling?

  • You don’t think Schilling’s a nerd icon?

  • Dan

    I predict Wolverine will go far. After all, he’s the best there is at what he does.

  • Hey, all I want to say is Inigo Montoya > blades and other stabbing weapons.

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