Everything is bigger in Texas!

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A week and a half ago while on a business trip to the fine city of Dallas, TX, I was able to score some tickets to a Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns game (thanks Stub Hub). I don’t know if all the games that happen at the American Airlines Center are that good, but for me, it’s 100% accurate so I’m just going to assume all games are similar.

Giant TV at the AACFirst off, there is the American Airlines Center which is a large television screen covered and wi-fi enabled arena sponsored by Mr. Mark Cuban. I’m not joking about thebeing covered in TVs. The main entrance has 2 moving screens that flank the big screen above the doors. Oh, and there was another one before you got to those 3.

One of the moving TVs at the AACOnce we got past all the screens, we went into the arena and sat down in the Jack Danial’s restaurant by the buffet and watched the Celtics get their third loss. The view from where I was sittingThe close game and sad outcome for the boys in green left a bad taste in my mouth. Entrance to the American Airlines CenterThat was quickly remedied but a delicious pile of smores. After I had had my fill of deliciousness, it was time for some basketball, and we headed to our seats — as far back and away from the floor as possible.

Where is the world is Dirk Nowitzki from?During televised basketball games, there is always a need to fill those commercial breaks. From what I remember of BC basketball games (the last basketball games I’ve attended), there are usually some cheerleaders or dance squads to fill some breaks and some crazy contests to fill other breaks. Dallas had these. Together we could rule the leagueOne game I remember was basically taken directly from from “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiago?” television show. Except instead of listing places Carmen had visited, the labeling poles had the faces of some Dallas Mavericks stars and they were to be placed in the states that the player grew up in. The highlight of the time out breaks were the short films played on the big screen. I’m just a sun - to the tune of I’m just a bill from Schoolhouse RockThey took some well known clips (like from Star Wars) and put the faces of Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash on the characters. (“It is your destiny. Join me, and This is what the arena looks like right before the home team starting 5 are announcedtogether we will rule the league”)

The basketball itself was very good. It was a pretty close game throughout, but the home team came away with the victory in the end. Thank you, Dallas, for a good time. (click on any picture for a full size image.)