Catching Up With The Home Teams – Boston Edition


The Zakim BridgeI titled this post as “Boston edition,” but it’s not like there’s going to be another edition. I live in Boston and root for Boston teams. Then again, there is always the hope that someone else here will be a fan of another team and write a competing entry.

New England Patriots
Hey, the team is still undefeated. And peoples around the blogosahedron are waiting to watch the Patriots again when they are 16-0 (Deadspin, Bleacher Report, Blown Coverage, You Been Blinded, ArmchairGM). Now we can add Nerds on Sports to that list becaus: New England Patriots: 16-0 (18-0 if you count postseason).

So, it looks like the Patriots-Colts Pumped Soundgate Noisegate The Skipping Crowd Conspiracies Speakergate was just an issue with the broadcast. But, as a Patriots fan, I can’t believe that this is the truth until I get a bit more closure on the situation. I want a team of investigative reporters to sneak into the RCA Dome and set up some noise meters (like you would find at a terrible talent show to measure who the winner is) and record during games. If that doesn’t work, perhaps some sort of non-football competition between Manning and Brady. Maybe something involving being sexy and making shitloads of commercials. ???? ??????? My money is on Manning – Brady may out sexy him, but Peyton’s commercial making prowess is impressive.

Boston Red Sox
There isn’t much to say about the World Series champions. Curtis Montague Schilling has signed a contract to continue playing for the Red Sox. Kevin Youkilis won the AL Gold Glove for first base. And even if the Gold Glove is a stupid award (A fielding merit award based on subjective voting by coaching staff – does that make sense?) it’s still a great honor.

The minds at Deadspin have uncovered a RedSox ticket application from 1984. The expensive seats are $7.50. Damn that’s cheap. Even if we account for a 3.5% inflation (kinda high) for 23 years [7.50 * (1+.035)23] that still only $16.55. You can’t get standing room tickets for that much now.

Boston Bruins
I hear that there’s a Hockey team that plays somewhere around here. I found on the NHL website it lists their record as in the top 10 (read: tied for 10th with other teams). I still have my foam bruin claw (from my who picture) somewhere – I wish the other teams around here had random foam hand items. Like a foam leprechaun for the Celtics…

Boston Celtics
I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the C’s have a couple good players this year. Pierce, Allen and Garnett. So far they are undefeated. 3-0. But it’s still early in the season – and by early I mean the season doesn’t end until Daylight Savings comes back and baseball is in full swing. 888

New England Revolution
I’m not stopping with the big 4. There’s still at least one more team around here for me. The Revolution have moved on to the Eastern Conference Finals of the MLS playoffs. ???? ????????? They are playing the Chicago Fire tomorrow at home in Foxboro. The Fire is coming and they’re bringing Cuauhtemoc Blanco (I have no idea how to say him name) who is looking like a leading candidate for the MLS’s newcomer of the year award. So we should be in for some good soccer.

Boston College Eagles Football
I just want to list the Eagles and remind Serpico that his hopes and dreams of a National Championship and a Heisman have been lost. And then we can see Serpico cry more.