When You’re a Nerd, Chess is a Sport


Alexandra KosteniukMost regular people couldn’t name more than 1 or 2 chess grandmasters. Those 2 being Bobby Fischer and Gary Kasparov due to their fame in a movie or playing chess against a computer (or political careers).  But what I have recently discovered is a female grandmaster (She was the tenth female of the 11 that have so far attained this rank – Making her borg name 10 of 11.) – a hot Russian female nerd/grandmaster.

Alexandra Kosteniuk has been teaching me to improve my chess skills through the problems presented in her video podcast: Chess Killer Tips. Now, I don’t play chess often or very well, but it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good tactical challenge now and again. For those times, I turn to chess puzzles. Even when watching the “easy” video podcast puzzles, sometimes I still have to go back and watch the answer a second time.

And now for the best part: Pictures.

Alexandra Kosteniuk 4 Alexandra Kosteniuk 3 Alexandra Kosteniuk 2 Alexandra Kosteniuk and the magical sticking chess pieces

Also check out this story about her in Penthouse last year.

Chess talk over, now lets watch some football!