What’s Going on in That Locker Room

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I’ve always been a fan of hearing about the fun stuff professional athletes do off the field in the locker room. It makes them actually seem like humans not just numbers that make my fantasy team suck. Well recently I came across a couple of stories that I thought I would share

The first is that Kansas City Royals outfielder Emil Brown was “messing around” in the locker room with a pellet gun. As they say, “it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.” Well, Emil shot reporter Karen Kornacki in the eye. Luckily she and her eye are ok, but I wonder what was actually happening. Perhaps, it’s a game they play by shooting pellets at the person doing being interviewed. Imagine trying to talk about your double play when your getting pellets in the ass.

Another fun event happened when the Adam LaRoche happened to cross paths with his old teammates on the Braves. While Adam and the Pirates were playing their final game in a series with the marlins, the uniforms for the Braves arrived a little early for the Marlins next series with the Braves. So Adam sent his old teammates a message: “Let it all hang out.” This message was further cemented by the fact that Adam cut the crotch out of every pair of Braves underwear.

And finally I leave you with this story about the Giles brothers

“Go ahead, we can start the interview now,” Marcus Giles says.

No problem, except Giles is lying sideways on the couch, unable to move. He is wrapped in white adhesive tape, courtesy of pitcher David Wells’ son, Lars.