Kiss the Rings


Patriots Super Bowl RingYou ever wish you had a championship ring you could accidentally give to a Russian? Ever wish you had something tangible that you could wear to let everyone know how great you are at Madden? Perhaps you have wanted to hand over a weeks paycheck to EA Games? Are you a Yankees fan and desire a large jewel encrusted ring to use when you tell all other baseball fans to “kiss the rings?” Can your girlfriend whoop your ass in Madden and you’re looking for the perfect way to propose? Do you enjoy shelling out a few hundred bills for large flashy finger bling? Are you deranged enough to think that one of these rings will make you cool? Is your name Sonic and are you a hedgehog? You think that if Peyton “get off my fucking TV” Manning can get a ring, so can you? Maybe you just want the world to know that you can dominate a computer?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions let me just say: What the fuck is wrong with you? Really? I would like to know. Send me an email at imcrazy AT and let me know. Also for you I have this lovely link where you can learn about the little ring that Madden2008 will be offering.

Now if this were the “One Ring” or a ring of +2 agility then we’d be in business… but it’s not.

Next year we can only hope for Madden 2009 Cock Rings. (“Ya like that? I’m gonna fuck you like I did the Colts in the Super Bowl!”)