How far would you go for baseball tickets?


Apologies from a lack of updates on my end recently. I’d talk about why, but this ain’t LJ for chrissake. It’s a blog! Completely different! Anyway.

Recently the Brewers had a promotion giving away a pair of tickets for a future home game. The price? Bending over and relaxing. Now, having a family member who has been treated for prostate cancer, I am well in favor of men getting screened for this regularly, and if this provides the necessary incentive for them to do so, so be it. But, c’mon, the jokes. The jokes!

“Now the Brewers know what it feels like for a Red Sox fan to try and get tickets.”
“Milwaukee is getting more than opponents to bend over these days.”
“Today was Be A Baseball Player Day at Miller Park. Fans were unaware that they had to play catcher.”

Etc., etc.

Of course, sharp-eyed co-blogger Willis noticed this posting on the MLB Jobs Board. Coincedence? Bad fan reaction (I mean, more than the grimacing and clenching of fists that can be expected)?

While we’re in that region of the male anatomy, Here is an oldie but goodie about certain ball players and their #1 method for dealing with skin problems. Remind me not to shake their hands.