Madden ’08 Cover and Who Not to Draft in Fantasy Football


Vince Young during his great Texas daysIt’s official, Vince Young, a sophomore Quarterback on the Tennessee Oilers Titans will be the Madden Football Roster Update v2.008 cover model this year. And according to ESPN, (Yes, the same ESPN that decided that the first week of baseball didn’t happen and erased all reference to it in it fantasy site.) he wasn’t even the front runner. What does this honor get Mr. Young? Well, he gets his face on every different size of box and every console ever known to exist. (They make Madden for cell phones; I wouldn’t be surprised if they still made Madden for the Commodore 64.) He also gets to be in some Madden commercials.

What he also gets is cursed. I don’t know if John Madden is using voodoo or black magic or some other dark secrets, but it’s probably a side effect of whatever he is doing to keep himself alive and on TV for football games. I picture Madden at home thinking “what kind of magic spell to use? slime and snails? or puppy dog tails?” He then does his (dance) magic dance and chooses a cover athlete.

Look at what John “Warlock” Madden has done for the past 9 years. (note that Garrison Hearst was the first person other than The Warlock himself to be featured on the cover of the game.):

  • 1999 Garrison Hearst (broken leg – out 2 seasons)
  • 2000 Barry Sanders (retired abruptly before season) and
  • 2000b Dorsey Levens (224 rushing yards for the season)*
  • 2001 Eddie George (lower production and bobbled pass in AFC finals ending Titans Bowl hopes)
  • 2002 Daunte Culpepper (knee injury)
  • 2003 Marshall Faulk (leg injury; never again rushing for > 1000 yds)
  • 2004 Michael Vick (broken leg, happened 1 day after game went on sale)
  • 2005 Ray Lewis (only season without an interception & broken wrist)
  • 2006 Donovan McNabb (season ending sports hernia injury)
  • 2007 Shaun Alexander (fracture in left foot — missed 6 games)

Now I know they take a lot of prop bets on football, but can start a pool on how many games Young will miss this season? I also know Charger fans will be happy that LT wasn’t chosen. And I’m happy Tom Brady wasn’t chosen, he has a few babies to take care of, and I wouldn’t want The Warlock causing the next football pedigrees any problems.

For more Curse info visit Bits Bytes Pixels Sprites. They have more depth on each player’s ills.

*Dorsey Levens was featured along side Barry Sanders on the PAL version only.