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May 7, 2008

Nerdy Flowchart

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Nerdy Flow Chart

The New York Times recent came up with a flowchart based on being exposed to Dungeons and Dragons at an early age. There are 2 reasons I am posting this here.

The first is that Fantasy Baseball is listed as one of the nerdy things that comes about from being exposed to Dungeons and Dragons. So the New York Times is saying that if you play fantasy baseball then you are a nerd. Don’t try to disagree, you know the Gray Lady cannot do wrong.

The second reason for this post is because I have to… The chart has blogging about the chart as something that a nerd like myself would do, and who am I to stand in the way?

[Full Chart]

  • As a nerd, I liked it. It’s a chart! There are things I do listed there! I am part of a wider movement!

    It sort of sucked to get excluded from set [nerd] later on by being a part of set [girls], since girls are something nerds get to discover/do.


  • I forgot to mention that if you are a girl you should probably replace the (GIRLS) node with (BOYS). I’m guessing it would then be just about as accurate.

    Also I would never “totally marry Harry Potter,” but Hermione on the other hand…

  • Candice

    Don’t lie Will you would sooo totally marry harry potter!

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