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Dear Barry Bonds, The Truth is Coming

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So, if you haven’t noticed by now, I am scheduled to post on Wednesdays. Of course, I usually put off the bulk of the writing until I get home from work on Wednesday so the article doesn’t get posted until midnight. But even then I still feel I meet my self-imposed deadline. This week was no different, I started doing some research for my article after work yesterday (Wednesday). ?????? ???? ??????? Little Barry Bonds and Big Barry BondsMy goal was to compare the 2007 Gold Glove winners to other players using different defensive metrics, to see how sometimes a great player gets screwed. It was a pain in the ass to get this data. Baseball Prospectus didn’t really have a good report for FRAA, fielding percentage, and other fun fielding stats. So, I asked my good buddy Google for some help. Lo and behold, someone else wrote my article for me. Go read that fucker’s blog.

Well, I gave up and went to bed. Hoping that I could come up with something else for today. Thankfully, the United States attorney’s office for the Northern District of California made my choice for a story easy. Mr. Barry* Bonds* has been indicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. Read More

TVlog: 5 Minutes of ESPN Firsttake


Since Jonathan Lee Riches decided to give me a day off by suing Martha Stewart for the benefit of Rachael Ray, I had to come up with a new subject. So, in a first for NerdsOnSports, I’m going to write running commentary on what I’m watching on TV. At 11 AM. I don’t have a job to go to until Monday. So I watch things like “Firsttake” (f/k/a “Cold Pizza”) on TV. It really is this bad.

All times EDT.

11:00: OK, They’re talking about Steve Spurrier’s history vis-a-vis LSU. Interesting, perhaps, but I tuned in right in the middle, so I’m really not sure what the operative thesis is here. I think it’s something about how Spurrier’s had a great coaching career and has performed well against LSU, or hasn’t, either way he’s a football coach. Read More

Tom Hicks and the ‘roids

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Update: I got an email from CBS11 (the story link below) pointing out the video of the interview with Tom Hicks. Check out the video.

Texas Rangers Owner Tom Hicks with his Liverpool ScarfUmm… why is nobody talking about Tom Hicks and the accusation of Juan Gonzalez doing steroids? Is it because Canseco has already ‘been there; done that’?

If you don’t know, Tom Hicks, the owner of the Texas Rangers, was interviewed last week and he was asked about deals he regretted making and the money spent on those deals. He mentioned the waste of $65 million on pitcher Chan Ho Park and also “Juan Gonzalez, for $24 million, after he came off steroids probably… we just gave that money away.” [full story]

I’m wondering what (if any) could be the exciting fall out from this; if you mention steroids, it seems that Bud Selig will blackmail you. (Ultra smart Canadian man looks into the future of this.) Read More

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