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Nerdy Flowchart


Nerdy Flow Chart

The New York Times recent came up with a flowchart based on being exposed to Dungeons and Dragons at an early age. There are 2 reasons I am posting this here. ??? ?????

The first is that Fantasy Baseball is listed as one of the nerdy things that comes about from being exposed to Dungeons and Dragons. So the New York Times is saying that if you play fantasy baseball then you are a nerd. ??? ???? ???? Don’t try to disagree, you know the Gray Lady cannot do wrong.

The second reason for this post is because I have to… The chart has blogging about the chart as something that a nerd like myself would do, and who am I to stand in the way?

[Full Chart]

[Business Day One] Extended Spring Training

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I tend to look at all Major League Baseball before the All Star Break as an extended Spring Training.  Yes, there are stats being recorded and yes, the wins do count.  But everything is just so Do not worry about what this man is doing.abstract and whimsical during the first half of the season.  If my Yankees go on a 3 game losing streak, I’ll be disappointed, but I will not lament a playoff berth-costing slide.  If Frank Thomas stays healthy for three dozen straight games and bangs out thirty homers, I’m not going to assume he’ll play all 162 and break Bond’s record.  It is very easy to look at a team firing on all pistons in the spring and early summer and just assume the trend will continue as the season begins to grind away at everybody.  Perhaps I’m more cynical than most, but the first 75 or 80 games are glorified tune-ups.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve got a couple of observations I’d like to share about the regular season now that we’ve got about a week’s worth of this extended Spring Training in the book.

1.  The Baltimore Orioles are not good.  When your mashers are Aubrey Huff and Melvin Mora, you do not have a good baseball team.  Brian Roberts will likely get caught trying to sneak out of Charm City on a mail plane, and Nick Markakis will spend the next three years being drafted too low in fantasy baseball because no one will be on base when he is at bat.  And there is no home field advantage, since Camden Yards serves as Yankees/Fenway South for all AL East games.  Sorry, Baltimore, at least you have Duff Goldman and a temporary 0.800 winning percentage.

2.  Mets fans should’ve expected Pedro Martinez to get injured in his first game.  I mean, come on.  The Gods of Sport are a humorous bunch, and they would not let a 36 year old whose delivery has been ruining his body for a decade last more than one game.  That’s just how they operate and by now we should all know that.

3.  The Cult of Joe Torre is going strong in Los Angeles.  Sporting a 4-2 record and fresh off an ESPN story that treats him like Elvis, people flock from all over the West Coast in the hopes that his rhythmicly slow gait to the mound and his ability to put runners in motion in predictable situations will cure their ills and inspire them to greatness.

4.  No one saw the Detroit Tigers starting out 0-6.  It doesn’t matter, really, since these games hardly count, but it is worth noting.

[Business Day One] End Of Spring Training FAQs

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We here at Nerds On Sports like to educate as much as we like to entertain.  As such, today’s Business Day One will tackle some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the splendid time of year when Major League Baseball’s Spring Training excitedly evolves into the regular season.  So sit back, relax, and get your learn on.

What’s the deal with the Boston/Oakland series being played in Japan? ?????????? ???????  

-Allow us to clear up a commonly held misconception – The Regular Season begins tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.  The Red Sox and Athletics are not playing an exhibition game tomorrow; they are indeed kicking off their respective 162 game seasons.  There are still Cactus and Grapefruit League games going on, just not in Japan.  In Japan, the regular season is getting underway. ???? ????   And yes, it is stupid.

Why are my normally nice friends insulting each other by saying things like “you reached big time for Jack Cust” and “I will dominate you in ERA?”

-Fantasy Baseball is also in spring training as well.  During the fantasy baseball preseason, owners make ludicrous claims regarding the potential of their imaginary pitching staffs, infields and bench players.  This does not make your friends bad people, just overzealous ones.  This is the season for absurd shows of baseball geek bravado, and it will pass as soon as injuries begin piling up.

What should we expect out of the last week of Spring Training?

-The games are going to be more or less like regular season games.  Starters are going to stay in longer, folks are going to hurt themselves, and fans are going to have a fairly good understanding of how things are going to work for the first month of the season.  That is to say, if your team stinks right now, odds are they’re going to continue to stink once the games count. ???? ????? ??? ????????

What is the best way to get out of work to catch Opening Day?

-Well, soldier, this one is tricky.  Every intelligent boss in the country understands that at least someone under his or her charge is going to try to weasel out of work on Opening Day.  If your boss is the kindly sort, he or she may just let you take the day off.  But if they’re a hard-nosed, you’re going to need to set up an excuse days in advance.  For instance, start walking with a slight limp and complain about soreness in your knee.  Keep it up for a few days and then on Opening Eve, mention to your boss that things are getting worse and you’re going to make an appointment with a specialist to see if there’s inflamation.  If your boss is the least bit human and you’re a fair liar, you’ll be at the ballpark for the first pitch.

Rolling the Sunday Blogosahedron

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Girls Wearing Bruins UniformThere is so much fun stuff out there that I’m going to try to blogroll every Sunday some of what I have been reading during the week. (Feel free to email me things I should be reading — The internets are a big place and I do need guidance.) This week I have some broken keepers, baseball prognostications, RedSox Pictorials, a Philly Prank [umm… that doesn’t look right… what do you call someone on the Phillies? (other than terrible)], and more.

  • NBC has the options on a sports reality show. Doesn’t that sound cool? And, Hey, The winners could go to the Olympics! But wait, It’s curling. [TheStar.com]
  • Some goalkeepers are falling apart while not goalkeeping: Michael Rensing of Bayern Munich hurt himself tying his shoes, and Dida of Milan hurt himself going from sitting on the bench to the locker room. [The Offside]
  • Jocoby EllsburyI’ve requested entry into the fantasy leagues of the Babes who Love Baseball, because losing to my friends in one league and losing to the people I work with in a second league wasn’t enough. I now want to lose to strange bloggers I don’t even know. [Babes Love Baseball]
  • Last year is was Jimmy Rollins. This year it’s Carlos Beltran. Some people just love to make crazy predictions for the Mets winning the season. [We Should Be GMs] [ESPN] [Babes Love Baseball]
  • Jacoby Ellsbury has a pictorial and article in the new issue of Men’s Vogue. Our little rookie is growing up fast, and I bet the jerseys with his name on them are selling out fast now too. [Center Field]
  • Read More

I fought the law, and the law won

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MoneyballWe all know Major League Baseball is a big money making business. Well that business thinks that it needs to protect itself from stats nerds like us. Because we’re using those stats to create a fantasy world of increased baseball enjoyment. ????? ???? ????? This is nothing new — in 2006 CBC Media (a small fantasy site) sued the MLB because they didn’t think they should fork over some dough to the MLB to use player’s name and stats. A judge ruled that CBC has first amendment rights to things publicly given to everyone in the newspaper.After that loss MLB decided to switch up their thinking. “We’ve agreed that the stats and names are in the public domain,” MLB Advanced Media spokesman Gallagher said after the ruling. ????? ??? ???? “But when you start to use team’s logos and other images as CBC did, you need a license, it’s that simple.”

But that didn’t last long, because the MLB got together a team of lawyers (quick note, this team of lawyers would still finish ahead of the Devil Rays in the standings) to keep fighting the good fight. such as the Lankford Law that are experts in all labor related laws. Just a few months ago as part of the appeal process one of MLB’s attorneys said that a fantasy league using names and stats without permission was analogous to a company printing posters or coffee mugs with pictures of players on them without permission. The judges appeared to be skeptical of MLB’s arguments. “MLB is like a public religion. Everyone knows (the players’) names and what they look like,” opined U.S. Judge Morris Arnold. “This is just part of being an American, isn’t it?”  It is important to understand what works and what does not when you are considering searching for a medical malpractice attorney. Many cases, such as voluntary cosmetic surgeries are not successful in court. Since these procedures are done at the request of the patient, the court typically rules in favor of the doctor. A strong understanding of medical malpractice will help you in your search for a medical malpractice attorney. Many causes of death which cause people to search for legal assistance are not, in fact, the fault of the medical practitioner. You can check here for more information about the Queens Personal Injury Attorneys ASK4SAM.

Even in cases where full recovery is possible, a traumatic brain injury attorney can get you a claim for the pain and discomfort you went through, and for the expenses you had to incur for your treatment. The amount of compensation sought in such cases is generally quite high. The fee charged by traumatic brain injury attorneys is also quite high, as they have to hire a research team and medical experts, and even then such cases may be hard to prove. There are attorneys who deal only with such cases, and in many law firms a traumatic brain injury attorney could be found sitting in a section meant for personal injury cases. With growing awareness about traumatic brain injuries, it is becoming much easier to locate a traumatic brain injury attorney; however, they are easier to find in big cities than in small towns. You can visit this website for more information about the traumatic brain injury

You should be very careful when considering a medical malpractice lawsuit. If you case is unreasonable or unfounded, you may be getting involved in a long and expensive process with no positive outcome. You should also be sure that you are filing the lawsuit for the right reasons. Anger and grief fuel many lawsuits today and some of them may even be successful with the right lawyer. But if you have a good case, a respectable medical malpractice attorney will be able to help you get your deserved payment. Most people think that by hiring a medical malpractice attorney, you’re only looking to get rich. However, most people who win their malpractice cases, or receive a settlement, have to pay the attorney, they have to pay for their medical expenses caused by the malpractice, and they have to support themselves if they’re out of work due to their new injuries. All of those payouts can quickly drain any settlement a person may receive for malpractice reasons. It’s not a way to get rich. ???? ????? ?? ???????? Instead, hiring a medical malpractice attorney and winning your case is vindication for the wrong that’s been done to you, and it will also teach the doctor or surgeon a lesson. Read More

[Business Day One] Progress Report


For starters, congratulations to Tom Glavine on picking up his 300th win. The man from Billerica has had a dominant career on a pair of durable legs, and when he’s ready to hang them up, people will see him as a class act and one of the finest of his era. Not a bad way to go out.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the meat and potatoes. With all the sports buzz bounding about in our beautiful burg of Boston, I want to give a quick snapshot of the four major sports (sorry, Revolution) for the benefit of you out-of-towners. What’s going on right now is a level of multi-faceted sports excitement that fans rarely see condensed into once city. With three teams widely expected to make deep playoff runs over the next year, there is an energy coursing through the Boston’s fans that have apparently nullified any bitterness or latent pessimism that longtime residents might expect to find. So here’s a break-down by team, and how each franchise is contributing to this buzz.

The Boston Celtics – Pierce, Allen, Garnett: The New Big Three. Read More

Broken Fantasy


I love my fantasy baseball league. ????? ?????? ?????? Even beyond the awesome players, and the excellent commissioner, the online system itself has proven to be flexible and versatile to satisfy the unusual quirks of our own league. I’m not going to plug the company unless I get some money out of it, but suffice to say that it isn’t through ESPN, who recently released this statement.

We are sorry to have to make such an aggressive change, and fully recognize the impact this will have. This action was our only option because of the nature of the issues and their potential to compound if not addressed on a fundamental level. Ensuring the integrity of the season ahead for ALL players is tremendously important to us and this solution ensures that all players will be treated equally.

I did some research – after all, I wondered what could have happened that required such drastic measures – and found the following user comments on one of the various online forums I frequent: Read More

38 Pitches in a Win

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First week of baseball is officially over. Schilling picked up his first win, which was a nice change over the terrible outing on opening day. I’m sure soon enough Curt will have his analysis over at his blog, 38 pitches. Not that I think Schilling’s ego needs to be stroked any, but I find the fact that he does painstaking analysis of his own games to be quite amazing.

Don’t have a lot of anything else to say at the moment. I could complain about my fantasy baseball team (starting the season in 15th, yay!), but truthfully, nobody actually cares about that sort of thing. Only other people in your league do, in a schadenfreude sort of way.

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