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Introducing My App for CBSSports.com

So this baseball season the fine folks over at CBSSports.com have released their app development platform, or as they call it “CBSSports.com Development Center” to the masses this year. I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to these kinds of things as I enjoy figuring out how technological things work. I’ve got some half-baked iPhone […]

Commissioner’s Corner: Competitive Balance

In a recent decision, the NFL levied fines (by lowering their salary cap and distributing the difference to all other teams)  against the Redskins and Cowboys because they set up contracts to take advantage of the no-cap season. Here is what the NFL said: The Management Council Executive Committee determined that the contract practices of a small number […]

[Business Day One] A Week Into Fantasy Baseball And…

… I’ve already had to use my cell phone to make a last minute roster change. … I’ve already had a baseball-related bad dream. … I’ve already lamented (only half-jokingly) that my season is over. … I’ve already begun to think about this year’s keepers. … I’ve already said out loud “thank god baseball’s back.”

[Business Day One] The Monster

I spent 4 hours at my computer on Saturday, drafting a fantasy baseball team.  The Monster League, populated by NoS posters Willis and RJ and frequent commenter Angry Ed, is a beautiful mix of friendly and competitive.  During our Winter Meetings (a once-yearly gathering for pizza and rules adjustments) and our Live Online Draft, we […]

Zombie editor RJ sez…

…Nope, still don’t give a shit about basketball – professional, college or otherwise. …I wish I could get more into the WBC, but the fact that The Netherlands beat the Dominican Republic twice has me taking it less, not more, seriously. …I now have a Jason Varitek shirt and (courtesy one of my friends, promise) […]

Commissioner’s Corner: Keeper Leagues and Parity

There are 2 basic kinds of fantasy leagues when it comes to how players are chosen from year to year: keeper and re-draft.  (An auction where all players are put back in the pool is just a re-draft where the draft style is auction.) And when it comes to keeper leagues there are very many ways […]

Commissioner’s Corner: Surviving The Off-Season

This time of year is tough for the two biggest fantasy sports: Football and Baseball. It’s the off-season. There are no more lineup deadlines to meet and no opposing team to trash talk. Fantasy players are left wondering what to do with themselves. Well, The Commissioner is here to help with a few thought and […]

Commissioner’s Corner: The Constitution

Hello fellow fantasy commissioners. Welcome to our corner. Here we shall discuss the trials, tribulations, tribbles, and elations of the job of fantasy commissioner. Today’s topic is the league constitution. Every league should have one. I mean it! There needs to be a place for everyone to go and review the rules and stop any […]